The Golden Era Is Now Over

I’ve always contended that the most difficult social obstacle for Muslim immigrants now living in United States and Canada, especially those who hail from parts of the world where Islam exists as the preponderant religious faith, is the blatant reality that Christians and Jews here have never accepted their designation by the general Muslim umma, or Muslim clerics in particular, as “infidel” and the example of the inferior human being Islam paints of those who are not readily and entirely convinced of its goodly promises. Hostilities between Muslim and Jew (to use the Jewish experience in the Middle East as an example) regarding the pertinacious existence of the State of Israel in the shadow of multiple Arab Muslim androcracies have nothing to do with geopolitics but rather have everything to do with the provocative reality, for the Arab Muslim consciousness, of Jews flying fighter jets or driving Merkava tanks when in the Arab Muslim and Ottoman past Jews were required to step off the sidewalk when Muslim children approached or pay jizya tax as a systematic public example of subjugation to the primacy of Islam’s theological boasts.

  • marty_p

    Importing Muslim economic migrants is the equivalent of the lobster filling the pot with water carrying it to the stove and then climbing in and cooking itself.
    The SJW’s are so brainwashed with their liberal ideals that they would make excuses for the economic migrant who stabs/rapes/murders their own family members.