Le Dauphin…Justin Trudeau

Having just recovered after two weeks from the brutal molestation and rape of everything reasonable and fair in Canadian politics, I ran across a quote from Bill Whittle that jumped out at me. When I first heard it I initially thought he was talking about Justin Trudeau. Whittle said this:

“he is the ascended wet dream image of every progressive reporter and editor and publisher and any of these other idol worshiping adolescent girls that make up what was once the proud profession of newspaper men and he’s walking kryptonite to spineless gutless … cowards …” (quote from Bill Whittle)

  • ontario john

    Get with the program. This is the new “Happy Ways” Canada, where the media doesn’t tolerate anything negative about our Saviour. We must smile and think positive thoughts. So when thousands of Syrian muslims clog up our hospitals along with trans gender perverts, just think happy thoughts. Oh, and the media is excited today that Wynne hasn’t wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars going to China. She has announced that 80 new jobs will be coming to Ontario as a result of her trip. I guess China is upping the number of spys they can send here.

    • Blacksmith

      “I guess China is upping the number of spys they can send here.”
      How many of them go into the govt IT group?

    • Waffle

      It’s hard to keep up with the rapid dismantling of Ontario. The 80 new Chinese jobs sounds intriguing. Would like to learn more detail (if available). Can you provide a link? Thanks.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Pictures actually say MORE than a thousand words…
    The Pierre porn wasn’t taken at the Calgary Stampede was it? All the white hats.
    If it was, they must have been laughing at him, not with him.

  • DMB

    Justin is the ascended “wet dream” of every progressive left wing reporter. WARNING: Viewer discretion is strongly advised. http://www.truenorthtimes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/trudeau.png

  • ontario john

    Maybe he borrow his Dad’s motorcycle and German helmet for the Nov. 11th ceremonies.

  • Tokenn

    Absolutely a great article.

  • Exile1981

    The NY times has a long article on the 1st grandmother of Canada – Maggie Turdeau and her life long fight against bipolar and depression. So given his mother what’s the chances Justin the first has bad genetics that manifest themselves when he is under stress?

  • BillyHW

    Justin Trudeau joyfully mobbed by federal civil servant vaginas: