Spain Wants a Wall to Keep ISIS Out

MADRID — Terrorists following the lines laid out for them by the so-called Islamic State are setting their sights on Spain. And while there may be many reasons, one is obvious: Spain, at the urging of Washington, is being turned into a strategic base in the war to contain and eventually cut out the metastasized jihad that has spread across the Mediterranean basin. With little fanfare, a base near the town of Morón has been turned into a critical logistics and communication center for operations throughout the region. And, thus, a country that was once a transit point for terrorists is becoming their target.

  • Shebel

    When will people learn –than whomever the USA attacks will become our new Immigrants. Obama knows this. So does George Soros .

    So stop attacking. It is easy and cheap.

    Fuck. It won’t happen. What a stupid fucking chess game.

    • Xavier

      It’s very simple to mend. If your country harbors terrorists, you are an enemy and will be attacked without warning. Your military, infrastructure, and all citizens are targets. Rid your land of the terrorist plague or you will be exterminated along with them.

      And hang a sign by the border, “No Vacancy”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Everyone’s always got a ‘plan’ when it’s literally too late to worry about it anymore.