Palestinians: A World of Lies, Deception and Fabrications

Sadly, the Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders are continuing to bury their heads in the sand and lying to everyone — from their people to the international community.

The current wave of Palestinian terrorism has entered its fourth week, but our leaders, above all the PA President Mahmoud Abbas, are continuing to talk about a “peaceful, popular uprising” against Israel. This wave of Palestinian stabbings, shootings and vehicular ramming has been anything but either “popular” or “peaceful.”

President Abbas and his top PLO and Fatah leaders have yet to explain to us what is peaceful and popular about stabbing an 80-year-old lady named Ruti Malka in Rishon Lezion, and a 70-year-old Jewish woman Jerusalem.

  • Zaba

    President Abbas and his top PLO and Fatah leaders have yet to explain to us what is peaceful and popular ……

    Peaceful in the koranic concept: islam wins.

    • Reader

      You shouldn’t question President Abbas, who is so popular he is into his 11 year of his elected 4 year term.

      • BillyHW


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Popular, yes. Peaceful, no.

  • Reader

    The “Two State Solution” already exists.

    Under the Balfour Declaration the Jewish state of Palestine was to be created in what is now both Israel and Jordan.

    In the end it was decided by Britain and partners to make two states,
    Israel that at the time was 70% Jewish, and Trans-Jordan, that was 70%
    Muslim, that is, the two-state solution because of repeated uprisings by the Arabs and attempts by them of pogroms against the Jews.

    Of course in 1948 into 1949, in an effort to drive the Jews into the sea, Jordan invaded Israel and for 28 years occupied Judea and Sumaria and Egypt invaded and occupied the Gaza Strip, which were designated at the time as “disputed

    In 1967 Israel won them back in a war, caused by Egypt, Jordan and their arab allies.

    Forget about any 1967 borders and go back to the founding borders of Israel as
    the State of Israel’s legal borders, with a unified Jerusalem (as it was
    in 1948 before the Jordanian invasion) as its capital.

    If Hashemite King Abdullah of Jordan doesn’t like it, he can try to go back
    to the real Hashemite lands of the west coast of Saudia Arabia, where
    other Arabs drove his people out of and fight over it with the Saudis.

    Its the Arabs who are the occupiers in Israel.

    And if you want legal arguments try this.