Paging Erich von Däniken…

NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks

High in the skies over Kazakhstan, space-age technology has revealed an ancient mystery on the ground.

Satellite pictures of a remote and treeless northern steppe reveal colossal earthworks — geometric figures of squares, crosses, lines and rings the size of several football fields, recognizable only from the air and the oldest estimated at 8,000 years old.

The largest, near a Neolithic settlement, is a giant square of 101 raised mounds, its opposite corners connected by a diagonal cross, covering more terrain than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Another is a kind of three-limbed swastika, its arms ending in zigzags bent counterclockwise.

  • Xavier

    That picture is a Confederate battle standard and I’m offended

    that it isn’t in color.

  • DMB

    My guess is the same people who built those lines had some form of connection or cultural similar to the ancient civilization that built the Nazca lines in Peru. Also scientists today are finding Pyramids all over the world not just in Egypt. Human development is not linear but develops in cycles were they can rise and fall just like any civilization that has come and gone.

  • Dana Garcia

    Neanderthal squaredance diagram.

  • simus1

    Probably some sort of annual gathering place devoted to tribal or multi tribal federation dispute settling, horse trading, marriage market, and assorted wild celebrations.

  • Borat is in charge of the investigation.

  • moraywatson

    And on the seventh day, he rested.