Kremlin slams Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Russian air crash

French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was slammed by the Kremlin Friday for publishing cartoons linking last week’s crash of a Russian airliner with Moscow’s air campaign in Syria.

Meanwhile the Russians run this… well it is kind of true, I mean in a general sense about the EU;)

Russian EU Cartoon

  • simus1

    Slandering hyenas seems more than a bit misplaced

  • k1962

    The Russians may not come guns a blazing into the Hebdo office like Muslim terrorists, but they have their methods and if Charlie decided to tone it down with the Muslims, they might want to think about it with the Russians and well, everyone. If Muslims are now off limits for offence shouldn’t that apply to everyone? I guess not since Muslims are just so self righteous and so hyper sensitive with regards only to themselves.

    • andycanuck

      Would you like a polonium shake with those fries?

      • k1962


  • andycanuck

    Hmm. I think I can come up with a very similar cartoon about the history of Russia/USSR/Russia.

  • Millie_Woods

    Here’s an even better European joke.

    • simus1

      The ones of this fab five that listed consistently winning at Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments as their favourite personal past time would give me a bit more confidence in their smarts.

      • Millie_Woods

        I’d be more confident if they all wanted to have a cage match to see which one is going to be the European defence minister.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Perhaps Russia will do the world a favor and use a tactical nuke on these bastards.

    • Millie_Woods

      Which ones?

      • mobuyus

        Ones with a medium kilo-ton range?

      • Xavier

        Touché, Madame, touché.

  • Solo712

    That’s why I never went “Je suis Charlie”. The mag always dished pretty stupid French far left humour. Making fun of Mo was pretty much an editorial flop but that has now been ‘corrected’.

    • Alain

      Spot on.

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Charlie Hebdo cartoon is saying this: What ISIS did will come down on their heads.

    Hitler was driven mad by the methamphetamines that his doctor prescribed. The dosage was raissed to as high as much 700 time the amount originally given.

  • Perhaps the Russians would do better to disabuse people of certain notions rather than frown and poison.

    They’re good at lying. They can try harder.

  • SDMatt

    I quite like that Russian cartoon. If I’m interpreting it correctly Europe has morphed to the fourth character which appears to be a trussed-up rainbow flag beta male, prone and ready to be repeatedly mounted, which to my mind is quite accurate.

    I have my doubts about the hyena though.

  • ntt1

    Just more far left “humour” they have self censored all muslim references so now it is back to being edgy by being offensive to safe targets only..You would think that having muslim outreach workers wipe out your staff would result in at least a small percentage of the new blood being actually funny,but apparently not .