Ferdinand Porsche: from the Beetle to the Panzer tank

Karl Ludvigsen describes how the engineering genius became a father-figure to Hitler and armed the Third Reich without really being a Nazi

The aggressive character of the famous German sports car, in a sort of sympathetic magic, often transfers itself to owner-drivers. The joke goes: ‘When you get into a Porsche, you feel you want to invade Poland.’ In this fascinating and meticulously researched book, Karl Ludvigsen investigates the genetic spiral that gave Porsche cars the character of weaponry.

  • Brett_McS

    “Ass-engined Nazi slot-car”: One of early P.J.O’Rourke phrases that stuck.

    • Nora Scott

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  • Gary

    He did submit his design for the new Tank but the costs were so high from the quality and features for the troops that he lots the bid.
    But even the Tiger at a lower price was built tough to the point where a simple guide wheel that needed to be changed from damage would tie up 2 men and several hours from the weight of it and exhaust them on top of being a sitting duck . The tiger had one weal spot at the rear lower area where the steal plates were thin enough for a US shell from a Sherman to to do serious damage.

  • simus1

    German tanks were good for winning battles.
    Unfortunately for the nazis, Russian tanks were best for winning wars.

  • marty_p

    For the life of me I can’t understand how the Canadian children of Holocaust survivors run to buy BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Porsche vehicles.

    • Gary

      A co-worker of mine was born here to a Chinese father that was angry at his son buying a Honda Civic after what the Japanese did starting in 1931 and got worse until they had to be stopped in 1945.

      Olivia Chow loved to bash White Canadians just for the votes among minorities, but this socialist communist parasite at the public trough didn’t do her history check to see that White people from Canada fought and died to stop her grand parents from getting beheaded and hacked to death by japanese troops along with her parents that were children then .

      Chow had the nerve to demand redress for the Head-tax and told her voters in China town that she tried to get $50 million for them right before she won the MP seat in China Town .
      The Head-Tax was forced on Britain by the rulers in China to stop the skilled Textile workers from fleeing to a British Colony such as Canada . It was a compromise worked out in exchange for China to stop executing the workers in the harbour when the navy found them on boats sneaking out .
      They were shot in the head and dumped into the water for all to see…..but somehow Olivia Chow was okay with that execution method and was outraged when it stopped where the worker had to pay the Head-tax as a deterrent for fleeing to Canada as staying alive.

      Chow is the same one now supporting the No One Is Illegal groups that aid and abet smuggling people into Canada for the welfare when some cases are to avoid being killed back home trying to leave.
      Chow’s Ok when the Head-tax is $900.00 for Immigrant while the bogus refugees get bags on money along with housing and heath care.

  • FactsWillOut

    Mid-engined Porches are one of the most fun to drive cars ever made.