Cholera outbreak in Iraq ‘risks turning into a region-wide epidemic’

A cholera outbreak in Iraq has spread to Kuwait and Bahrain, and risks turning into a region-wide epidemic as millions of pilgrims prepare to visit the country, Unicef’s Iraq director has said.

The disease, which can lead to death by dehydration and kidney failure within hours if left untreated, was detected west of Baghdad in September and has since infected at least 2,200 people in Iraq and has killed six.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It sucks to be a slave of Allah.
    Drink up savages.

    • Canadian

      It`ll be ok, if they mix it with camel piss.

  • Martin B

    Ancient Mesopotamians were molding clay into drainage pipes and pipe joints in 4000 BC. Today their Mohammedan descendants are getting their drinking water from puddles of sewage. That’s a good illustration of just how far backward the curse of Islam can drive people.

    • What the hell happened to Iraq?

      • Shebel


        • Yeah…

        • Bataviawillem

          And sadam got kicked out of office and hung.

          • Censored_EG

            I miss Sadam. I miss Gaddafi. I miss Mubarak. Ah, the good ol’ pre-ISIS days when all we had to worry about was Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are no longer with us.

    • Nora Scott

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      • Shebel

        With that red hair–Nora—you are probably worth about $500/ hr.
        You are being taken advantage of.

    • Expect to see the level of public hygiene in Canada and all Western countries to drop drastically with the increase in Arab-Muslim population. Take a look at their countries of origin – they all have filthy streets and broken down homes. Disgusting peoples.

      • ismiselemeas

        Remember the fiasco over the washrooms at Billy Bishop airport? A case in point.

  • Shebel

    Only 6 ? This sound like Global Warming. Time to prepare for our immanent demise.

  • Maggat

    Dare I say – There is a God?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I’ll believe it when it spreads to Iran.

    • May He send all possible plagues among the Arabs and Muslims before they come over to the West and plague us.

  • Red47

    They are utterly degraded.

  • BillyHW

    I keep praying for plague, but it never comes.

  • Shebel

    I keep praying for Global Warming but it never comes.

  • WalterBannon

    good. is there any way we can add ebola into the mix?

  • Shebel

    AIDS was one of the best. Praise the Lord.

    • Good God, what are you talking about?

      • Shebel

        Aids and Global Warming.

        • AIDS is a good thing, is it?

          By the way, you can stop referring to people as “niggers”.

          • Shebel

            It used to be—the sodomites were dropping off like flies.
            Now it is a bad thing—all those drugs keep them alive forever and it is costing the taxpayer a veritable fortune .

            I keep thinking it is the 60’s. The good ole days—What am I supposed to call the nowadays ?

          • That’s sick. You drag “The Lord” into this? Your personal friend, is he? People should die of a hideous disease simply because you don’t like what you’ve heard about their sex lives?

            I never know with people like you. Are you serious, or are you a troll, parodying the worst kind of lefty slander against conservatives?

            Better men than you have been “sodomites”.

            It’s bad enough that the left obsessively slanders its opponents as a pack of bigoted retarded hillbillies, without you actively playing into the stereotype.

          • Shebel

            I didn’t bring the Lord into this -You did.
            Anyway, I believe that they could cure AIDS but they won’t -because it is more more profitable not to– it is a veritable ‘Gold Mine’ .
            Every month my wife attends an HIV dinner. She doesn’t go for the education . She goes for the fancy meal in an expensive

            restaurant. She is a nurse. All her friends meet up there and have a good time. The worst part is having to listen to the droning on of all the Drug Pushers.
            So please ‘excuse me’ if I appear to be a wee bit more than just a tad bit sceptical of this never ending scenario.

            It is pure bribery—Just like Doctors demanding $250 for recommending medical marijuana for patients and in some cases a % of of loot on a yearly basis from whatever vendor.

          • “I didn’t bring the Lord into this -You did.”
            No. So sorry, but just a few centimeters upthread you came out with:
            “AIDS was one of the best. Praise the Lord.”

            So, look, I’m sorry that your wife has had bad experiences at lunch, but I don’t see why that makes AIDS a good thing.

          • Shebel

            Sorry . I forgot. I must have been having brief moment of uncontrolled Rapture.

          • Whatever that means.

  • Maybe Trudeau can whip out some water treatment equipment.

    Oh, right- these brown people didn’t vote for him.

  • Jay Currie

    This happens when you blow up the infrastructure.

    The sad fact is that perfectly OK people are going to die as a result.

    I keep hoping the Arabs will grow up. Not yet apparently.

  • Hard Little Machine

    5,000 years ago 99% of Egyptians lived within 10 miles of the Nile. That is no different now. That is how far they’ve progressed.

  • Censored_EG

    Hopefully cholera can wipe out most of Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the muzzie region. That would be wonderful.