Whither the Love? Wynne’s Approval Ratings Go Down After Fight With Teachers’ Union

See! Didn’t I say that she would get the wrath now?

Amid the unrest in Ontario schools and the controversial sell-off of Hydro One, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s personal approval rating has fallen to new lows, according to an exclusive new poll.

Just 21 per cent of respondents approve of Wynne’s job performance, according to a Forum Research survey of 1,158 Ontarians from November 2 to 4. That’s exactly the same former Premier Dalton McGuinty’s approval rating in the last Forum poll before he resigned amid the stench of the gas plant scandal. And her “net approval” — the number of people who think she’s doing a good job less those who outright disapprove — is “truly abysmal” at negative 47.

“It’s really low. This is a new low for her. She was at 26 per cent back in May,” Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff said. “I think it’s two things: the Hydro One sale and the teachers problems and the fact the teachers stuff has been dragging for months.”

Though a central deal with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) was announced this week, all unions continue to bargain local deals with school boards and uncertainty remains in many parts of the province, where teachers are threatening more job action. That, combined with the concerns about plans to sell 60 per cent of Hydro One and a bit of lingering unrest over the new sex ed curriculum, have eroded Wynne’s support.

  • Canadian Born

    While she is still in power, do to the idiots that voted the corrupt Liberals back in, she can do some major damage to our province. We as Ontarians still stand by and don’t really do nothing to stop it. Oh wait she has got Junior Trudeau behind her so really what could go wrong? I wonder could it be higher debt with unlimited spending of taxpayers money?

  • Waffle

    You think she cares about approval ratings?? The bitch will brazen it out in her shameless lust for power. When the time comes, she will not hesitate to throw Junior under the bus and attempt a palace coup.

    • Gary

      I thought that when she got in power as a Mother she would enforce the new Federal laws from 2013 that make the PRIDE nudity a crime against children for frontal nudity in public around children.
      But she allowed this quasi pedophilia as part of the gay culture and had Ben Levin with her at the PRIDE parade .

      Ontario is now a pedophilie friend Province along with Toronto as a pedophile friendly City since John Tory said he would stop the Nudity and order the Police to make arrests to protect children…. but Tory said that on a radio show a few years back before even thinking about be the Mayor.
      Hillary opposed gay marriage in 2009 as did Obama, but in 2012 they claimed the evolved and now embrace it as a Human Right.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    She should resign and call for new elections .

  • Reader

    She has 2 years and 8 months for people to forget about this like they did with ehealth, Ornge, the expensive mothballed power plants plus other scandals, and then to buy the electorate with their own money and who are too afraid to be called “homophobes” again.

    • Gary

      But she can still flee to Boston and fabricate a story that she got a job as a professor which will keep her out of Canada and away from the Court room until the Election fraud issue is over and the PC hard Drives are wiped clean in her Office.

  • Gary

    She also angered the pro-sharia homophobe msulims at the Valley Park school that oppose her Ben Levin homoerotic/pedophilia Sex-ed guide this they hate not for the pedophilia since Muhammad was one, but that it promote men2boys sex and shows oral sex posters in the classroom.
    Dalton McGuilty gave these jew-haters their mosque in the school to get Wynne’s MPP seat , but those poor brain-dead Liberals that that appeasing muslims once would placate them into submission to drink the Liberal Kool-ade and embrace gay sex and transgender issues.