Rocket ‘attack’ on UK tour jet: Pilot with 189 passengers dodged missile above Sharm El Sheikh

A British plane carrying 189 passengers came ‘within 1,000ft’ of a rocket as it approached Sharm El Sheikh, it emerged last night.

The Thomson flight from London Stansted only took evasive action after the pilot spotted the missile speeding through the air.

The jet landed safely, and holidaymakers were not told they had been seconds from disaster.

The Department for Transport confirmed the incident took place on August 23 – just two months before a Metrojet plane crashed in central Sinai, killing all 224 on board.

  • The Butterfly

    If you’re stupid enough to go on vacation to a muslim country…

    • Exile1981

      Or for work.

    • CoolTolerance

      Egypt needs help economically. I have a friend that worked in Central Command that relays info to me. Egyptians want to westernize and it’s not by discriminating against them that we will help them in their fight.
      The more tourism and the better it will help them.
      Never forget they were over 30 million in the streets trying to get rid of Islamism.

      • BillyHW

        Glass ’em.

      • Alain

        Sorry but you cannot have westernisation as long as you have Islam. Islam is the official state religion of Egypt which makes any kind of real progress impossible.

        • CoolTolerance

          I agree.
          My friend who finished his military service in Central Command sent me updates and photos every few days during his time in military.

          When El Sisi took over the country, in the military, no beards were allowed, no Qur’ans, no anything religious.
          My friend is Christian Copt and they were all mixed in together in the military. So there must be a high level of trust among each other.

          My friend tells me most Egyptian young women want to take off the hijab, he says they were raised into it but are not religious, don’t go to mosque and don’t pray. All they have of ‘religion’ is that head-wrap and it is cultural. The same with the guys minus the head-wrap.

          El Sisi has to play it smart because there are still many Islamists in the country and he has to maintain stability. On a positive note, an awful lot of mosques are under heavy surveillance.

          It is not by crippling the country economically or eradicating tourism that the Constitution will change. This is a matter of time, I would say the next generation.

          By the way, in Canada, remember that women were finally allowed to vote in 1919, thus designating them as true human beings.
          And even in the 1950s, women had to sacrifice their lives to please God and their men…

      • Canadian

        But the volunteers (tourists) helping Egypt should know they can be killed.
        The passengers should have been told, afterwards.

        • CoolTolerance

          We are reaching the point where we can be killed on our own streets by these people. Does that mean we don’t leave the house?
          Not too long ago, it only two guys in Boston to kill, main and injure with one bomb hundreds of people during a Marathon. Should we have told these people not to go to the marathon?
          We have known for past two years that the Sinai is a problem, so the airlines should have avoided the area and chosen another flight path even if it meant an extra hour of flying.

          • Canadian

            If we don`t invite the killers in our country, we can leave the house in security.
            If people had known in advance about the Boston animals, I hope that people would have been told about it!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Holiday-makers and missiles usually should not occur in the same sentence if you are planning your holiday right.

    I could live in the lap of luxury on Rosarito Beach in Baja California Mexico, and yet I don’t.
    Guess why?×195/rv-parks-rosarito-beach-mexico-295×195.png

    • ntt1

      Sand fleas? ancient mexican ladies selling pies? Nothing but gringo beer on tap?

  • Xavier

    World powers need to announce a revision of foreign policy: if terrorists operate in your country, it and and everyone in it are targets. Either you take care of the problem or we will.

    • CoolTolerance

      Not with Justin elected. Sorry but true.

      • Xavier

        Or the Mongrel.

      • ntt1

        it would apply to his brother and one or two other of his puppet masters.

  • andycanuck

    Some of Obama’s buddies getting their hands on weapons sent to Libya for the “Arab Spring”, I wonder?

    • CoolTolerance

      Yes, Benghazi – the 400+ missiles that disappeared and traveled…

  • Xavier

    The terrorists think they’ve won some great symbolic strike against Russia, when they have actually done the most harm to Egypt, which deserves to be annihilated anyway. The world should make Egypt an international pariah, sanction food medicine arms air and water, and let them wither in the desert.

    • CoolTolerance

      Think about it. Who hates El Sisi and Putin, both combined? Answer: Obama. Both El Sisi and Putin are the only two world leaders that made Obama lose face.
      Egypt does not deserve to be annihilated. High majority of Egyptians are not into Islam but pretend to be because of invisible Muslim Brotherhood.
      Most females want to get rid of their hijabs and live a free life.
      Be careful if you don’t know people that actually live in Egyptian big cities.

      • Xavier

        I have know a few Egyptians and that is one of several reasons why I detest them and their country.

        My point is, harbor terrorists – willingly or not – and be punished.

        • CoolTolerance

          Depends on which ones you met. I know that many hate the Jews and Israel but that is inbred in their genes (mostly all Muslims everywhere on the planet for that matter). Heavy Muslim Brotherhood influence in Egypt. But they seem to want to get out of this. I also know high majority hate Palestinians.
          It’s a country in cultural transition and El Sisi will encourage them although he does not get involved in the judiciary as their Constitution states.
          El Sisi is a visionary although devout Muslim. He studied at Maryland Military Academy and his thesis foresaw all problems coming up and stated the solutions: education.

      • ntt1

        All I know is both Egypt and the US are run by Sisis

  • ntt1

    Stop all flights including trade goods let them go back to trade Dhows and wind.