Rapist asylum seeker facing deportation must be given taxpayers’ cash to visit son… so his human rights aren’t breached, judge rules

A foreign rapist who is facing deportation has been given taxpayers’ money so he can cross the country to see his baby son – even though he squanders cash smoking nearly two packets of cigarettes each day.

A judge ruled the failed asylum seeker is entitled to claim travel expenses – so his human rights are not breached.

The Iranian sex offender, who has already cost the public purse hundreds of thousands of pounds, argued that the Home Secretary’s refusal to pay up was ‘unjustifiable’.


  • Ottawa Eyes

    It’s no different than Canada where refugees get public housing or seniors housing before Canadians on the lists for more than a decade and get more in benefits than Canadians who paid into the system by paying taxes.

  • Dana Garcia

    What about the rights of the rape victim? Or future rape victims?

    Women should pay more attention to the culture of immigrants — something I figured out by walking down the street when Mexicans were present.

    • occupant 9

      The rape victim’s “rights” extend to the end of the whip that lashes her for being raped, if, in the eyes of Islam (which is apparently all that matters), justice is served.

      No nation that is serious about its survival IMPORTS Muslims then rules in their favour.

    • Millie_Woods

      A few drinks and most of them couldn’t tell an immigrant from a vibrator.

  • The Butterfly

    It boggles the mind.

  • Jay Dillon

    Now is the government paying for all this poor rapist’s cigarettes, because he is ill with his addiction to cigarettes so he has to smoke the very best cigarettes available? I don’t even have to do the research, I can see that’s exactly what’s happening. Can’t some of the cigarettes contain a bit extra for this guy?

  • Alain

    The judge should be dragged to the public square and flogged before being removed from the bench.