German fireman refuses to respond to emergencies at refugee shelters

A volunteer fireman in Germany has been criticised for refusing to take part in any firefighting at accommodation used by refugees.

The controversy comes as newly released figures show attacks on asylum-seekers in Germany have more than tripled this year.

The fireman, who has been named only as Jürgen S under German privacy laws, sent an official request to the local authorities in the town of Frankenberg in Saxony, to be released from his duties if a fire broke out at a refugee shelter.


It is common for 1st responders to refuse service to “vibrant” communities throughout Europe on account of violence.

Must be Allah’s will.

  • canminuteman

    My wife’s cousins husband is a volunteer fire fight in Germany. From what I gather they are not like here. The vast majority of fire fighters are volunteers, even in the big cities. He isn’t on a pager, he is an electrician in his day job, and he does shifts at the fire station on his free time. This could be big, because we are not talking about a handful of guys in rural areas with pagers.

  • Dana Garcia

    Same deal in Malmo for years. Totally predictable, given the normal behavior of allah’s little helpers.

  • mauser 98

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  • Kathy Prendergast

    If any asylum centres burn to the ground it’s almost 100% likely to be caused by the residents themselves rather than by the largely mythical “attacks on asylum-seekers”, most of whom are smokers and not accustomed to being told by busybody infidel females that they can’t indulge their habit while indoors. As the weather gets colder more and more of them are going to be flouting the rules because they don’t want to go outside for their nicotine fix.