CBC Building Evacuated Over A Prop


Work resumed late Friday afternoon inside the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto after the building was evacuated following the discovery of an artillery shell that turned out to be a non-explosive prop.

Emergency officials at the scene told CBC News that the artifact was found in the shipping and receiving department located in the basement.

“We responded here for the report of what looked like a piece of ammunition that was uncovered in the archive building of CBC,” said Toronto fire platoon chief Trevor Trotter.

After a full inspection, officials determined the object found was “a prop,” Trotter said.


  • lolwut?

    Reminds of the day when I was working at the Bay on Queen street many years ago and informed the display department that the cool looking skull they were using for the Halloween display wasn’t actually made of plastic, it was a real human skull.

    Someone who worked there years previously thought it would be a great idea
    to take a skull from a medical school and use it there.

  • Clausewitz

    CBC’s new motto. “Stupid people making stupid shit”.