Can a legacy medium in the United States today have an anti-black bias?

Such is said at Breitbart, of CNN:

Video Proof: CNN’s Attack on Ben Carson’s Biography Is Racially-motivated

CNN’s recent and troubling history of anti-black bias is well documented. The left-wing network has been sued for racial bias, is infamous for ginning up violence in predominantly black neighborhoods, and has faced scrutiny by the National Association of Black Journalists for its treatment of black staffers. It is no surprise, then, to discover that CNN is currently on a racially-motivated rampage to undermine Ben Carson’s biography, and by extension, his presidential ambitions.

Over the years, Carson has written a number of books, many of them auto-biographical. One famous part of Carson’s extraordinary story involves his temper as a very young man. Prior to turning 14 or 15 (we are talking 50 years ago, Carson is 64 today), Carson writes eloquently and honestly about, among other things, hitting his own mother with a hammer, almost stabbing someone, throwing rocks, etc.

The man who would grow up to be America’s foremost pediatric neurosurgeon credits the saving grace of Jesus Christ for saving him from a violent life, and what would have surely been a violent and untimely death.

Predictably, CNN claims that it cannot corroborate the story, implying that Carson is lying.

But, obviously, if none of this stuff came before criminal courts with findings of evidence, it might indeed be hard to corroborate. (I’ve heard of grim episodes in my own family’s history that would be impossible to corroborate this side of the grave. So?)

Carson’s real sin is that he isn’t someone that the vendors of socially accepted failure and manufactured news can make money off. It’s unforgivable that he isn’t a failure they can get money for excusing, defending, reimagining … their victims still fail big time, but that doesn’t matter, of course. The “helpers” live well enough. .

Maybe if Carson hangs in, reinforcements will start to arrive. Onward!

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