Arab boycott of Palestine

“…decades of Israeli oppression” blah blah blah. Here’s the interesting bit:

‘Palestinians no longer have any hope in a political or military solution. Time and Arabs’ attitudes toward the Palestinian cause have proven that it is merely a soccer ball they play to serve their own interests.
It is prohibited to buy from the Palestinians, to sell to them, to visit them, to host them, to pray in their mosques or to play football with them. The Arab League must be blind and deaf not to distinguish between the victim and the executioner, between the occupier and the occupied. It is time to reconsider the concept and policy on how to deal with Palestine and Israel.‘ (Emphases mine.)’

The Arab League, incidentally, will not allow that Jordan has any claims to the West Bank. Because from their point of view it would be a bloody disaster if the sainted martyred Palestinians were liberated from those fiendish Jews and handed over to an Arab, Muslim country. How under those circumstances could they keep agitating for the Palestinian state that they know is never going to exist?

Someone is oppressing the Palestinians and it’s not Israel.

  • Islam destroys a reasonable mindset.

    This is Islam. What do you expect?

    • It’s all very reasonable if the goal is to inflict the maximum amount of misery on Israel no matter what the cost to anybody but themselves.

      • Alain

        You found the root cause, but the goal has always been the elimination of Israel, full stop.

  • JoKeR

    Those… those… Islamophobes!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Israel needs to have a shoot on sight order for all members of the PLO.

    • Yo Mama

      No, I just say send the invaders back to their Palestinian state, called Jordan, or if they are from Gaza, back to Egypt.

  • ontario john

    Oh well, Palestine still has the United and Anglican churches to support them. Praise Mohammad.

    • ontario john

      And speaking of the Anglican Church, I see in the United Church Observer website that Michael Coren is studying to become an Anglican priest. How nice.

      • Alain

        Wonder where he will go next. It seems he is still “trying to find himself”. I recall a nasty outburst of his on SNN when David Menzies made a comment about how it is difficult to keep up with all his changes of religion. I’ve never forgot that. It was when he had gone Catholic and had written a book on how the Catholics were right. There was nothing wrong with the comment made by Menzies but Coren blew a fuse; very unbecoming.