A New, Scarier Phase in the War Against ISIS

CNN and other media are reporting that U.S. and European intelligence suspect that ISIS or one of its affiliates used a bomb to bring down a Russian airplane over Sinai on Saturday, killing all 224 aboard. The reporting on this is early and it would be wise to withhold judgment until more information comes in, but this could be a very big deal. If confirmed, this attack would mark a major shift by the Islamic State and should force us to rethink the threat that the group poses to the world.

  • UCSPanther

    We know the Islamic State is more than happy to come to us. That last rash of terror attacks was proof.

    Root causes? I can tell you what the root cause is: World domination and mass murder of all who don’t follow their demented cult.

    • Rose Spurlock

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  • Xavier

    …it’s still too soon to say that the group now is becoming more global in its targeting; one airplane attack may not make a pattern

    Well then , how many does it take to make a pattern?


  • Barrington Minge

    Be interesting to see what the Russians do about this. Putin is no pussy. Expect to see some mooslim butt getting kicked.

    • Will Quest

      We know that TI-PET mocked Harper, by saying he saw “ISIS lurking behind every rock and tree”, so we’ll see if Trudeau will now mock both the Americans and the Brits.
      That air-head will be an apologists for the savages of ISIS…. because it’s 2015 !

  • mauser 98

    maybe , suspected , we believe , a feeling , possible , might be a bomb
    … White Hut propaganda
    … just a coincidence
    Obama fades to No. 3 on Forbes rankings as Putin muscles to top, Merkel shines


    • Gary

      So when a muslim goes Jihad at his work or on a Military base to slaughter infidels…… Obama wants to wait until all the facts are in and not rush to judgement for a motive.

      I see how it works for Liberal progressives. When they like a Law the majority don’t and want it changed, Obama claims that the Courts have ruled and it’s in the Constitution…….. when he doesn’t like a Law or part of the Constitution he claims the Court’s are wrong and the Constitutional Amendment needs to be updated and removed as a Human Right.

      It was lawyers and Liberal Judges back in the 1850’s that fought for the expansion of slavery to all the States in the Union as a Right for all people to own slaves and be FAIR .
      Somehow the Dem’s that supported slavery and George Wallace along with mocking the Republican Christian MLK in the Civil Rights march and now the modern Hillary’s and Obama’s pointing at the republican’s as the racists.

      • mauser 98

        not to go to far out on a limb but Putin been kicking the Lyin’ Hawaiians butt.. now Putin gets slapped down somewhat
        US radio talk show caller said it was a British Starburst missile ( ?
        yeah.. a stretch )
        weeks , months required for accident investigation.. CNN a few hours

        Barry is a total narcissist , ego maniac. anything possible

      • mauser 98

        just now, at about 1:50 pm .. CNN “aviation analyst” reports Egyptian military fired off British made missile during exercise near approaching jetliner in August
        …the plot thickens

  • Gary

    But Hillary and Obama told us that Al-Qaeda was on the run in 2012 because they blamed the benghazi terrorism attack on the youtube video that few of the Terrorist ever saw .
    GM is alive and has 11 Join Venture auto Plants in China with the Communist leaders in the Party approving every one, GM also has 70% of the vehicle built outside of the USA.

    Nice Obama, Al-Qaeda is stronger than in 2001 while Detroit is bankrupt and plagued with record homicides and mostly by hand guns.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I bet Trudeau thinks they need hugs…