Truth film hurts—at box office

Here’s a thoughtful piece on Truth, the attempted Hollywood exoneration of the Rathergate crew, especially Mary Mapes, for fronting fake service records dox re George W. Bush during an election—dox that anyone ought reasonably to have known were fake:

The Rathergate film Truth opened in wide release this past Friday. I took a look at the weekend box-office estimates posted by Box Office Mojo in “Truth doesn’t pay.” The film did not appear to be doing well even by comparison with Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Hollywood Reporter observes that the film flopped on its opening this past weekend.

Rathergate was probably the first time many people realized the power of new media, as well as the desperate duplicity of the old. The fakery was exposed by bloggers within hours. CBS doubled down on the story anyway.

From the Atlantic:

What is striking about the film is the degree to which it lauds Mapes and her colleagues (played by Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss, and Dennis Quaid) most emphatically precisely when they are displaying their worst journalistic judgment.

Today, that isn’t even a feature, let alone a bug; for MSM it is a critical selling point: if you will please, please still listen to us, we will give you the “Truth” you want to hear.

(Because if you really wanted to know facts, you would go elsewhere, right?)

But the main reason the film flopped is probably that most people who live in a fantasy just construct their own now; they don’t need Mary Mapes’s fantasy.

Her world isn’t glamorous any more.

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  • A movie about a false story didn’t sway people who believe total fabrications.

    Colour me stunned.

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  • El Martyachi

    Increasingly, anyone under 60 who listens to “network news” or reads the big papers has made a moral decision to allow himself to be deceived, and must accept the consequences. Too bad if the rest of us will be governed in large part by these people’s choices.

    Or, ya know, most of those over 60..AKA.. boomers.. made the moral decision to irrevocably FUCK THE WHOLE WORKS UP about a half-century back and have been doubling down ever since.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I hate the boomers as much as you do but there’s a precedent from World War II that illustrates the folly of people.
      Churchill, who got called on to save Britain was dumped by the people once he’d done the job.

      • El Martyachi
      • El Martyachi

        One election doesn’t equal the cultural revolution, or whatever the fuck happened in the 60s.

        And, in fairness, stuff was broken pretty badly before the boomers came along. WWI was pretty bad… mmmkay. Not everything is the boomers fault, I reluctantly admit.

  • eMan14

    I truthfully did not know about this movie. Not that I would go to see it anyway.

  • Excellent article on “The age of manufactured news”.