Store Urged to Put Off Christmas Decorations Until After Remembrance Day

This needs to be said.

Things don’t need to look a lot like Christmas before one commemorates those who fought tyranny.

It’s beginning to look too much like Christmas for some Canadians.

As images of wreaths and holly start sprouting up the day after Halloween, there is a growing movement to urge retailers to hold off on their holiday decorations until after Remembrance Day.

The sound is being amplified on social media, where #RespectOurVeterans has become the battle cry for Canadians fed up with the commercialization of Christmas.

“We encourage businesses to refrain from Christmas marketing until after Remembrance Day,” the Strathmore and District Chamber of Commerce (Alberta) posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The Good Earth Coffeehouse, with 40 locations in four provinces, is not following the lead of larger competitors like Starbucks and Second Cup, both of which started using Christmas cups on Nov. 1.

“We will continue our tradition of waiting until after Nov 11th to launch our holiday campaign,” the chain said on Twitter.

  • Tokenn

    Back before I was an empty-nester, our family had an iron rule of NO CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS BEFORE THE FIRST WEEKEND OF DECEMBER!

    As a result, my family wasn’t sick of the Xmas whirl by Boxing Day…unlike many of our neighbours whose stripped trees were out for the trash on the 26th… We also didn’t decorate our tree until Christmas Eve [a great way to occupy the kids] and enjoyed celebration until Twelfth Night. My kids are now remarkably good at resisting instant gratification…

    • Technically, one should put up one’s Christmas tree, etc at the start of Advent (some Europeans do that a day or so before Christmas Day).

      One should also watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

  • mauser 98

    local Crappy Tire moved Christmas stuff to top shelves in August

    • ntt1

      Cambodian tire is not goof proof, local store has had light displays and pallets of snow shovels for at least a week. this in a climate where i am still mowing the lawn. the snow shovels intrigue me ,who buys all those shovels ? I have a number 16 grain shovel that is older than my 20 something kids and it only sees use every third year or so. the rest of the time I simply look at the scant inch or so and go have a scotch laced coffee . it melts off in the meantime.

      • mauser 98

        i stand corrected.. WD40 makes snow slip off… scotch laced coffee far better idea… will heed your astute advice

  • FactsWillOut

    Too bad we no longer celebrate Guy Fawkes day.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Back in the days of my youth, the commercial Christmas season didn’t begin until American Thanksgiving Day.

  • Clink9

    I have to be the Christmas cop at our place. Always make my wife wait until after Nov. 11 to play Christmas music.

    And lights go on outside in December.

  • k1962

    I still have to take down my Halloween decorations!