Remember US prez hopeful Ben Carson? Now New Republic aims slurs

He must be connecting with some people. Before, it was a religion prof.

Anyway, here:

Using his verified Twitter account Tuesday, Brian Beutler, a writer for the Leftist New Republic, attacked black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson as a “token” black man. Beutler, who is white, used the infamous and widely unaccepted racial slur directly within the context of Carson’s race.

Of course. Progressives are only punished for failing to approve destructive lifestyles for those from whom tax-funded “helping professionals” make a living.

Progressives are allowed to be racists when dealing with all shades of human who are clearly their superiors. Anyone who does not need Big Government to succeed is an enemy, and even vile, low-life insults may be employed.

Actually if the United States is really a post-racial society, such lowlifes and self-advertised failures can be considered part of Carson’s PR team.

  • Xavier

    They will tell you who they are afraid of – Rush Limbaugh

    There’s no reason to attack someone you aren’t afraid of politically.

    • simus1

      Truth to a leftist is whatever is at hand to advance the revolution.

    • Clausewitz

      You beat me too it. The ones the Dem’s are afraid of are the ones that will have the most muck slung at them.