Rehabbed Deer Returns

I released this fawn about 1 month ago. The video was featured if you wish to see it . She returns to the house to play multiple times per day. I’ve rehabbed many deer over the years and a lot of them continue to come up to us. We live on a very large property so we’re not worried about hunters.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    That broke the cute meter.

  • So cute! Seeing this, how can one not be a vegetarian?

    • Katyn

      Because venison tastes good!

      • Love tastes better.

        • Katyn

          That’s why I love eating my wife. 😉

  • Alex

    I wonder if the motion of their tails is correlated in any way with their emotional state? Sometimes it seemed to tuck its tail under its butt in a gesture that would have implied fear in a dog, for instance, but that deer certainly wasn’t afraid.

    • Xavier

      Showing the white tail is a danger signal.

  • Justin St.Denis


  • Coupal

    It appears to behave just like a dog!

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Seriously over caffeinated.

  • Alain

    Unless the deer never leave his property he has served them with a death sentence by teaching them not to fear people.

    • dukestreet

      In most places you require a license from the government to rehab these animals. The primary goal in those situations is to be very careful, that the animal you are saving, does not associate humans with good things and handle them as little as possible. That way they keep their fear of people and stay safer.

      • Alain

        Yes, I know. This kind of misplaced compassion always does more harm than good. I am talking about the video not proper rehabilitation. In my area the problem arises with black bears that some local idiot felt sorry for and put out food. In the end the bear has to be shot.

  • FactsWillOut

    Mmmm….dinner, for the next few months, even.