New Tory Leader To Be Chosen

New tone?

Conservatives will pick an interim replacement today for former leader Stephen Harper — a decision that could, at least temporarily, mark a shift to how the party operates.

There are eight members of Parliament running for the temporary position, which was vacated by Harper after the Tories lost the October federal election.


  • Alain

    My big concern is that they will fall for the “progressive” adjective instead of conservative. If they go that route trying to outdo the Left in “diversity” and the rest, they are toast. This has been the case every time it has been done on both the provincial and federal level, but for some reason the lesson remains ignored.

  • FactsWillOut
  • Clink9

    I sure hope they look like Canada as Turdeau says about his twisted gang.

    When asked why he felt it necessary to have 50 % women in cabinet he said, “Well duh, it’s 2015!”

    Glad to know that’s their only contribution.

  • simus1

    Since Yahoo and Canadian Press are anti- Conservative media party constructs, one need not waste any time dwelling on their “advice”. The Conservative vote did not “collapse” at all. What happened was that new gullible voters arrived on the scene and Shiny Pony & Co reeled them in because the Liberals industrial strength misdeeds were too far in the past to register with “a hip new generation”.

    The Conservatives ran a lousy campaign by all accounts. Not being a TV watcher, my knowledge of the campaign itself amounted to a few missives dropped at the door.
    You almost get the impression that party politicians aren’t that keen when it comes to doing the hard fighting needed to run long term regimes. It gets a lot easier if the effort goes elsewhere every decade or so and blame does too..