Harper saved Conservatism

While one expects Liberal and NDP supporters to hack and slash at former prime minister Stephen Harper’s political legacy, his treatment by many so-called Conservatives since losing power in the Oct. 19 election has been a disgrace.

It’s particularly ironic that many self-described “Red Tories” are leading the charge against Harper, since without Harper there probably wouldn’t be a Conservative party in Canada today.

  • BillyHW

    Red Tories are called that because they bleed out of their asses because we all know why.

    • Solo712

      The truth of the matter is that this country was so damn Liberal – until Reform and Alliance – that the Conservatives felt compelled to to call themselves “Progressive”. The problem is you cannot be a progressive conservative any more than you can be a gay catholic. You are either one or the other.

      • Right Centrism

        It is obvious that without Harper that the party is likely to fracture. I am hoping that the party has a more balanced foreign policy and social policy position, but its economic policy is far too radical, when free trade has not helped Canada one iota. Canada needs a centralist party to balance out the spectrum and to ensure that minority governments are the new normal. I am referring to of course the Progressive Canadian party at pcparty.org. It is a small party. I say this since I do not expect in the short-term and in the next 10 years the Conservatives to massively win Atlantic Canada or Quebec in huge numbers. This Quebec total in 2015 was a one-off with 11 seats won. I think that more parties might help the country more. For those that say Red Toryism is not real conservatism, it was from 1942 to 2003, with the Progressive Conservative party, and it is in the past decade from 2004 to now with the Progressive Canadian party. I seriously believe that Harper needed MacKay, since polls in late 2003 showed the PC party was gaining in the polls. I always knew it was going to be an Alliance takeover and why I stuck with the Progressive Canadian party headed by Sinclair Stevens and Ernie Schreiber before him.

        • Alain

          Stated like a member of the Liberal Party.

          • Right Centrism

            Why should I care about the Conservative party?! Its roots come from the Alliance and Reform strands.

          • Right Centrism

            High Toryism is dead in Canada and it died in 2003.

      • Alain

        If they felt compelled, they made a major mistake.

  • Brenda

    Isn’t there a saying to the effect that when the going gets tough, Conservatives circle the wagons and shoot their leaders?

  • Waffle

    I’ll never forget the night I fell hopelessly in love with Stephen Harper, a guy I had never even heard of. It was the night of the leadership convention and it was down to Harper and McKay. I don’t think he knew the cameras were on him, but before straightening his jacket and striding out confidently on stage, he grabbed his wife, Laureen and kissed her hard, real hard. I knew in that instant that a man with such passion was the kind of guy to lead real Conservatives to victory. Despite some frustrations over the years as to why he didn’t do this or that when he had the chance, I will forever be grateful that we had the time we did with him. The PC’s — the Phony Conservatives (a.k.a. Phake) can stew in their own juices. Their attitude — “who else are they going to vote for” — is toxic and will lead to their eventual demise.

  • pike bishop

    Looked to me like he called in the last campaign. Beating Justin was going to take more than a “whatever” attitude. Not entirely his fault as a lot of Canadians would vote for Justin for nostalgic reasons. They hate Alberta and PET boxed our ears and they love that stuff.

    • Solo712

      Harper was obligated by the law to call the election. At any rate, it was clear from the start he was not going to win this one, no matter what he did. Some pundits say he should not have been so negative and I agree, but the thing is, with this economy he would have lost no matter what. His time was up. Sorry to see him go.

      • pike bishop

        I meant called it in like his heart was not in it.

  • Alain

    In spite of certain things that I still believe he should have done better (selling the CBC, dismantling the CRTC and certainly the last campaign), he was most certainly the best prime minister Canada has had in my lifetime. It was the first time that I really felt proud of my country. My family also like all others benefited from his economic policies which was a big financial help. When you actually compare all his accomplishments with what we consider his failures, the accomplishments far outnumber the other. My fear is that with him gone the party will fall back into the progressive camp instead of remaining conservative.

  • Jim Horne

    Here’s hoping that Conservatives take their time to pick a new leader. And here’s hoping that whomever is picked as interim leader will re-build the party from the grass roots up.

    With four years until the next election there is plenty of time to encourage a whole new generation of young conservative minded leaders. You know the type. They’re the ones who truly believe that Canada will be better served by a much smaller, less intrusive government. They’re also the ones that puts lower taxes and living within a balanced budget as a priority. And further, they’re also the ones who believe that the government must put Canadian values ahead of the insanity of political correctness and the idiocy of all culture being equal.

    So, please do take your time to find the right leader and make sure he/she is backed by a party born of the grass roots and grounded in conservative values.

  • FactsWillOut