Contextualizing violence is the knife in the tent

The daughter of our friends, a nurse at a major Jerusalem hospital, fears for her life every time she goes to work. Many of her colleagues are Israeli Arabs who have easy access to scalpels and sharp instruments all throughout the building. How can she, who dedicates herself to closing the wounds of both Arabs and Jews, escape the fear that at any moment during her day one of these people might pick up a scalpel and plunge it into her back?

Why? Because every Palestinian is told by their media and self-proclaimed leaders the lethal lie that Jews mean to destroy Al Aqsa mosque and are, in the words of Prime Minister Abbas, defiling it every day with their “dirty feet.”

  • simus1

    Arabs respect the iron fist in the iron glove.
    If no serious action is taken against the muslim gangsters who foment atrocities against Jews and constantly abuse their population or thieve billions from their own people, then no one is safe.