Pat Condell: The Rape of Sweden

h/t LRC

  • Cat-astrophe

    As long as the rape sensitive Swedes can get their mitts on Assange the world will be ok. Sheesh.

    • Sweden is insane.

      • Will Quest

        …. if a Swedish news editor was ganged raped …. well that would fulfill a very-wet swedish-dream …..Would also go well with all those- just ganged-banged hair styles.

  • WalterBannon

    Swedes should start lynching their media as well as their politicians

  • Gary

    I already assume that the Police in Toronto and the Politicians are covering up the Muslim rape gangs here and the honour killings.
    Because right after the Toronto-18 Muslim terrorist were rounded-up we saw Chief Bill Blair do a press release from an islamic Centre to tell us that the Terrorism plot had NOTHING to do with islam or muslims.
    This is the same Chief Blair that allowed naked males in the PRIDE parade top break the new Federal Laws that protect children from pedophiles and perverts exposing them self at children .
    The Politicians and CBC covered the 5 muslim women honour killed for not wearing the hijab as a Domestic Violent issue as did the hamas linked CAIR . It was in 2005 that Sheem Khan tried to get the Barbaric homophobic sharia law in Canada while McGuinty almost allowed in in Ontario for the Votes.
    McGuinty did buy votes from muslims for Wynne’s MPP seat when he allowed the jew-hating homophobic misogynistic Mosque in the Valley Park public school where girls sit behind the superior boys.
    This with the approval of Hall’s Human Rights Commission that for decades kicked Jesus and Christians out of the workplace and public schools for showing a faith that offended non-christians .

    Pat makes a good point in the view about the smug whites in their safe neighbourhoods with kids at private school.
    So my hope is that I live long enough to see Barbara Hall in the Jihad video having her head sawed off by hooded males praising allah in arabic once muslims get their caliphate thanks to her and now Jihad Justin that endorsed the Whahhai Sunni Mosque that condone flogging women and child-bride pedophilia.

  • G-d bless Pat Condell – a speaker of truth and common sense.

    • Censored_EG

      Hear, hear! Numerous BCF readers have enjoyed him for many years.

  • Jabberwokk

    “….Some people gotta’ learn the hard way…”

  • Alain

    How can it be rape when you consent?