Depressed about Justin being PM?

This will make you slit your wrists… if you live in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario.

Council votes to swallow $25M in loans

Perpetual sick leave part of ETFO deal

Read our lips, no road tolls

  • Ron MacDonald

    Every large municipality in the US has a bypass highway to reduce congestion, Ontario doesn’t, and that is the problem. Some US cities require transport trucks to take a truck route.

  • Xavier

    They’re going to get some uber-leftist to demand 70% tax. You’ll settle for half of that and feel lucky.

  • Waffle

    Just call me the ultimate masochist — I’ve been watching/listening to CTV’s coverage of the new world order. Don’t ask me why, but I’m having flashbacks to the late 60s and I never dropped acid, not even once. It seems as if the new Fool on the Hill is about to take us all on a Magical Mystery Tour (to his Magic Kingdom). Hold on.

  • Dana Garcia

    Losing to libs is sucko. Obama has damaged the US beyond imagining. Of course, he was helped by spineless get-along Repubs.

    • Justin will work very hard to match Obama.

      • Dana Garcia

        Obama has set the standard for national destruction as well as laying down a how-to blueprint.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The fools running Toronto Council also want to give a tax break to the Agha Khan museum…..

    (Comments closed down after just 15 comments were made.)

    An idea that the Toronto Star-n-Crescent is fully onside with…..

    (The free speech haters at The Star shut down comments on that editorial after just 8 comments. Fuck them and their narrative.)

    • Yup, what bastards.

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        It is amusing to watch the clowns at the Star put the clamps on free speech after only 8 comments.

    • Observer

      It’s not fair to tax a tourist museum like other museums with it features pro-Palestinian “art”. That’s racist!

    • Maggat

      Thanks, I read the comments you alluded to. I guess if the citizens of Toronto want to pay more taxes then they can fill their collective boots.

  • Icebow

    Und zis is only ze beginning!

  • Xavier

    OT but…

    Irish Aviation Authority directs Irish airlines to suspend
    operations to and from Sharm el-Sheikh Airport and in airspace over
    Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula – @jonathanhealy


    • andycanuck

      Apparently a Russian supply plane has crashed in Sudan now too.

      • Brett_McS

        Although Russian planes crashing is hardly news.

  • Coupal

    I had this oppressive and pervasive feeling and I had to read your article to figure out what it was – depression about you-know-who (I cannot even say his name since it elevates my blood pressure).

  • Edubeat

    Odds bodkins all the women I have spoken today are just drooling over the ‘charismatic’ (their words) Justin the hottie as PM. Steve Harper was relegated to the history books.

    • Edubeat

      Did I miss something when he was elected.??????????????