A short tour of World Star Hip Hop…

or LiveLeak or Youtube will enlighten Quanell X on classroom behavior and many other aspects of Black culture.

Black activist and white Fox host in screaming match after she blamed ‘black culture’ for cops attacking school girls

Black culture

  • Clink9

    Lie and deny. It’s worked so well for you. They must like having black families in worse shape now than when Johnson was President.

  • Seneca III

    He’ just following in the same vein as the multiple examples expounded by his President. Why should anyone be surprised?

    • I wish Black America would wake up.

      • Xavier

        Black America is doing just fine, by their standards. Reparations on the way!

  • simus1

    Iffin yo can’t take de whuppin’, don’t go astrumpetin’ like a busted ‘ho, girl.

  • The black population of the US is still captive on the plantation except now the shackles are replaced by the velvet lined, oh so compassionate bonds of dependency. And who are the overseers? Why, its none other than the democratic party and their race baiting stooges like this moron and the “The Revs” (Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, et al). Ben Carson could cut this tumor out, and that’s why he is so reviled.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I just tured off CBC sickening coverage of Trudeau being sworn in as prime Minister.

    • ntt1

      just wait until he starts being “nice ” to indian race baiters.

    • BillyHW
      • Xavier

        I hope that squashes him, literally and figuratively.

    • Clink9

      It’s a cult of personality.

    • Will Quest

      This JUST-IN {CBCtm} …. The CBC are playing possum.Now that their job is done getting Ti-PET elected they pretend to be reporters ….
      Mansbridges’ vapid platitudes resonates hollow….that head-clown with his coterie of sword-swallowers are “thanking ” the public in commercials, for letting the CBC enlighten them during their bias ELECTION CAMPAIGNING …..Such

      Now with snouts sniffing at the public trough in anticipation of their payola….. extra pails of public swill, the CBC “talent” are calling themselves impartial journalists . Seriously… .. seems some creatures {at the animal farm } are more equal than others

      • Clink9

        Waiting for them to announce a CBC government newspaper.

  • ntt1

    Same problem in Canada with aboriginal communities. Look at the repeated attempts to shift blame for the missing and murdered onto white society despite copious public documentation showing it starts on the reserve.

    • terrence

      the same with those EVIL residential schools – all those REALLY good ones are ignored and NEVER mentioned; only the few somewhat bad schools get media time

      • ntt1

        The schools needed to aggregate students to teach them in an existing school. All these years later and aboriginal kids are still leaving home to attend school and getting into trouble once away from home. aboriginal leaders are very careful to avoid contrasting this modern day trauma with the residential school manufactured outrage. instead they want first rate schools in every reserve no matter how remote at YTs expense of course

  • BillyHW

    One thing you sure can’t blame on black culture: hoarding all the Nobel Prizes to themselves.

    • Xavier

      I heard they’re going on a multiracial/trigender quota system.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Once again idiot American fucktards of every kind hit the bottom and keep digging.

    It’s not a fucking race problem, it’s a cop problem you morons.

    • Xavier

      Why not both?

  • bargogx1

    I’m glad they had such a nice pleasant little chat. 😉