Which is funnier? Calling someone Goebbels or a Von Schnitzler?

I dunno, Von Schnitzler holds promise…

BERLIN, Nov 3 (Reuters) – German prosecutors have opened an investigation into the founder of the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement for slander after he compared the justice minister to Hitler’s head of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

At a rally in Dresden on Monday, which German media said drew about 8,000 people, Lutz Bachmann said Social Democrat (SPD) minister Heiko Maas was the “worst spiritual fire raiser” since Goebbels and Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler.

Von Schnitzler was a television commentator in Communist East Germany who strongly criticised Western governments and media.

  • John

    Germany’s business and industrial elites love Merkel’s refugee policies…eyes just full of dollar signs.


  • Merkel and her followers are leading Germany into disaster.

    And their answer to reasonable criticism is trying to criminalize criticism.

    Disaster awaits.

  • NoPasaran

    In the DDR he was popularly known as Karl-Eduard von Sch, since that was the moment people changed the channel. In reality, the opening animation to the Schwartze Kanal was appealing in its’ own way.


    The program had only one purpose: to spin the information that virtually all East Germans could get from the West German and West-Berlin media.

  • pdxnag

    At least in the U.S., at least for now, truth would be a defense. IslamoFascists had been the allies of Hitler, if not his inspirational cheerleaders to exterminate the Jews. Only this time with wholesale invasion-by-invitation of Islamic forces the extermination will expand far beyond Jews to include all non-Muslims, though some may convert or pay jizya to escape certain death.

  • simus1

    With very few exceptions, the Germans seem to have had extremely bad luck when it comes to choosing their political leaders during the past 100+ years. This current welcome mat out for all muslim invaders should result in economic collapse in short order once the elites finally panic.