VIDEO: Boko Haram militants chop off the hands of thieves

A new video Boko Haram released by Boko Haram on social media shows some members of the Islamic sect chopping off the right hands of two alleged thieves who supposedly have stolen money.

In the video, a Boko Haram jihadist is seen reading charges against the two alleged thieves. In sharia law, stealing is considered “hudud” or “a crime against God.” The Quranic verse 5:38 advises what to do to thieves:

  • Seeing as Boko Haram stole girls from their families, can their hands be chopped off, as well?

    • mobuyus

      Uh…that was in the service of alah. However there are no shortage of thieves in that neck of the woods to sate the appetite of even the most ardent of hand choppers. Everyone of these islamic assholes is in dire need of retribution fitting their barbaric proclivities and hand chopping is just not enough.

      • Allah provides!

        • Doug Kursk

          Can he please provide his Islamic brothers and sisters with soap?

          Is that too much to ask?

          • k

            And while he’s at it, how about convincing the males to wear bags on their heads just like the females? Purely for reasons of symmetry, of course.

      • I’d say leave them in a lake with crocodiles.

        • mobuyus

          Not sure the poor old Crocs could stomach such a vile and odious feast.

      • bob e

        take it it to ’em bcf ..
        you & your crew don’t post these articles night after night
        for no reason .. they are all pretty much right on ..

    • Shebel

      They should probably have their clits severed for the Glory of ALLAH

      • mobuyus

        Their aunties and sisters and mothers take care of that. A clit is something mist muslim men have never laid eye on and definitely never laid tongue on.

      • But boys don’t have those!

  • Shebel

    Such is the Glory of Islam.
    Hey Justin—what we really need is 25000 more like minded individuals.
    Thanks for caring about Canada.

    • mobuyus

      All that matters to justin and his stooge fest of leftist social justice warriors is the “narrative” (going forward).

      • Shebel

        always ‘moving forward with great compassion’—-

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Tonight on Nigeria’s Got Talent!, a one handed juggler.

  • Barrington Minge

    It’s just too much to bear…Mooslim AND black…they really have no chance.