The Islamophobia Myth Hits the FBI

In recent years Islamist terror groups have had more success cultivating lone wolf attackers in the West than in creating active cells. Using the Internet, as well as some mosques that were centers for radical activity, such efforts present a consistent challenge for American law enforcement. Their answer has been to step up efforts to monitor such activity in spite of attempts by groups purporting to represent the interests of American Muslims and Arab-Americans to prevent the gathering of such intelligence. But authorities also understand that preventing children from being wooed by radicals is just as important. To that end, the FBI has developed an interactive program for teachers and students aimed at training them to prevent kids from being recruited by violent extremists. But thanks to the same groups that relentlessly promoted the myth of a post-9/11 backlash against Arabs and Muslims, it may never see the light of day.

  • Martin B

    CAIR & company want Islamic terror groups to have even more success cultivating “lone wolf” attackers.

    Another sad illustration of the Prime Directive: Mustn’t Offend Muslims.

    • Gary

      For years in Canada CAIr had Sheema Khan spewing fabricated acts of islamophobia and bogus hate-crimes that were never proven.
      Ms.Khan may be seen by some people as the cause for the Toronto-18 terrorism plot to slaughter thousands of people in Toronto via trucks bombs because her OP-ED’s in the Globe and CAIR’s website posted those Taqiyyah hate-crimes against muslims .
      She took every valid opinion after 9/11 that questioned islam’s claims of peace and attacked them as anti-muslim bigotry or racism even when Muslims are NOT a race of people.
      Khan’s endless attacks on Canada as a racist Nation of islamophobes attacking innocent muslims was enough in the eyes of some people to incite a hatred for Canada in the mosques that already have anti-canada imam and muslims that want to make Canada an islamic state run by sharia law.
      CAIR attacked our mission in Afghanistan , CAIR also had ties to the person at Ottawa U that fabricated War crimes claims to out troops there to the Taliban POW’s.
      The Toronto-18 muslim terrorists said that they were doing it because Chretien had our soldiers in Afgan killing the muslims brothers , this was exactly the core context in Khan’s OP-Ed’s and CAIR’s posting on its Website .

      I’m not shocked that Justin wants to keep Canada safe by pulling back our efforts to bomb ISIS and just let ISIS slaughter women and children at will as he lets 40,000 of these jew-hating anti-west muslims refugees pour into canada for the Welfare to support ISIS on our soil.

  • Xavier

    We haven’t reached undenial yet, but it’s coming.

  • mauser 98

    …prevent kids from being recruited by violent extremists ?
    …like the ones they bus in?

    Department of Homeland Security caught
    smuggling in illegal alien Somali and other North African Muslims from
    Mexico to California

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  • Tokenn

    Islamist terrorists are typically a bunch of vicious nihilistic morons. If they really meant to do anything substantial, they’d be doing it. I can easily think up scenarios that would scare the crap out of the entire western world..and all they can think of doing is shooting a few people and dicking around with bombs.