Sinai plane crash: unusual sounds on cockpit recordings, says Russian news agency

Cockpit recordings from the Metrojet flight that crashed in the Sinai desert appears to confirm that the cause was sudden and unexpected, with no distress call from pilots and unusual sounds heard at the moment the plane went off the radar, according to Russian media reports.

The Interfax news service said it had seen a transcript of the cockpit recordings from the black boxes being examined by Egyptian officials, as they try to piece together what caused Saturday’s crash that killed 224 people on board, mainly Russian holidaymakers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Drunken singing?

  • Xavier

    I just want to know when we’re getting our refund checks for the outage.

    • Heh;)

    • Clink9

      I’m betting as soon as Turdeau’s budget balances itself.

  • Xavier

    Egypt aviation minister says joint committee on Russian plane crash to start examining black boxes – @AP

    Egypt’s Minister of Aviation Hossam Kamal says investigation committee will complete Sinai crash site search Tuesday night – @NBCNews

  • tom_billesley

    Russians are were about a third of Egypt’s tourist business.

    • mobuyus

      Russians may very well return to the Sinai desert areas.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Just not as tourists.

  • No one know for sure it was an Islamic terror attack.

    But everyone is talking about it being an Islamic terror attack. That alone tells you a lot about Islam.

    No one is talking about it possibly being a Christian, Hindu or Buddhist terror attack.

    • Xavier

      Well, they said they did it! So even if they didn’t, they’d like to.
      I hope Egypt loses 150% of their tourism trade. Eff those bastards.

  • Exile1981

    It was an explosion the news today has this

    ” Russian media outlet LifeNews claims that more than 200 fragments of human
    remains from approximately 150 people have arrived in St Petersburg. According
    to sources, there was a significant difference in the cause of death between passengers at the front and the rear of the aircraft. Those at the front suffered ‘blunt force trauma of the chest, abdomen and pelvis with multiple fractures of upper and lower limbs with tears to the internal organs. Deaths occurred due to acute blood loss, shock and open head injuries.’ Those at the rear of aircraft suffered ‘explosive trauma with multiple burns over 90 per cent of their soft tissues’. Passengers at the back had shrapnel injuries and were peppered with metal particles.”

  • marty_p

    The Russians are right about one thing – Sharm el Sheikh is beautiful – I was there when the Israeli’s held it (it was called Ophira by the Israeli’s). The sunsets were beautiful.