Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane labels Hizb ut-Tahrir views ‘absurd’

Australia’s race discrimination commissioner has slammed a controversial Islamic group over its claims “de-radicalisation” amounts to forced assimilation.

Hizb ut-Tahrir held a large conference at Bankstown in south-western Sydney on Sunday and told the more than 500 men, women and children who attended that Muslims were being demonised over their faith.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Assimilation, forced or otherwise, is one of the things that made America great.
    The rest of the world should give it a shot.
    At one time, if it was felt that you would be unable to assimilate, you were turned away from our shores, and rightfully so.

  • k1962

    Well, their faith appears to be overwhelmingly bad! What’s not to demonize?

  • pdxnag

    Yes, Islamic tyranny is evil.

  • Alain

    Only in a Western country does one find the inanity of having a Race Discrimination Commissioner. If you are unwilling to assimilate, then you should not be in that country. Stay home!

  • T.C.

    “…mooselimbs were being demonised over their faith.”
    Yeah, so. Your point is?

  • Gary

    Muslims love to play the Victim when they are the minority and pretend to peaceful while those other Few over there are the bad apples making islam look oppressive and violent .

    Take for example the Ahmadi sect that fled Pakistan for Canada because of the strict Sharia law where they were seen as apostate and often attacked for not living by the local rules and laws .

    They set up a Housing community called Peace Village in Maple and even got away with building an illegal Mosque because they were oppressed else where and they were just a small group of peaceful muslims. This oppressed minority tired of being forced to live by the rules of the majority in Pakistan now had satety in Canada and a muslim-only housing area with a less oppressive Sharia law forced on their women .

    You would think that they would be happy with their illegal mosque the filthy infidels let them build so that is was no more than a few minutes by foot from the farthest house for the kids or women, but NO sir…. they started out as a minority of students in the Teston Road Public School near Peace Village and wanted an itty bitty spot in the school for Ahmadi kids to pray on Friday if they couldn’t make it to the illegal mosque.

    Once the Ahmadi students were the majority….. they demanded the Gym be made into a Mosque on Friday . They now make up 80% of the students and it’s a de-facto tax funded madrassa while non-muslims around Peace Village see the creping sharia law for Niqabs or hijabs as the women follow sharia outside of the Community and impose it on business , Social services and Banks.

    Just look at the jew-hating anti-canada homophobic Mosque allowed by Barbara Hall in the Valley Park public school which was partly a scheme by Dalton McTraitor and Wynne to get her the MPP seat and now the federal votes for Justin .
    It starts off like a cancer that is a minority of mutated cells with no serious threat at that time if undetected , the cells no doubt have their cancerophobia signs ready and anti-racism banners to play the victim and even fabricate a fear of Backlash when a Few bad apples cells show up on the skin.
    But this slow growth uses the mathematical progression of exponents to double as it splits and what started as a couple of cells on February 1st ends up around 25 million by February 29th to double each day .

    Muslims are the victims when the minority… then the oppressors when the majority which the Ahmadi muslims have proved and the Pakistani Muslims along with the Canadian born pakistani muslims among the Toronto-18 terrorist that wanted to slaughter us for being in Afghanistan after their muslim Brothers slaughter 24 of us on 9/11/01 .

    CAIR was exposed for funding hamas in the 2008 FBI trial in Texas for a bogus islamic charity used by CAIR to get their donations out of the country
    and to hamas for terrorism .
    Sheema Khan jumped ship from CAIR and now pretends to not know a thing about this while CAIR changed its name but still spews hatred for Canada and jews.

    Justin won’t wake up unitl he see his daughters head rolling on the floor after hooded men saw it off while praising allah in Arabic.
    ISIS now praises Justin for being the new PM that is Sharia friendly and will help sanction pedophilia and sex-slaves in Canada one day under sharia law here .