“Neurotic” cats?

Aw c’mon. This isn’t really research is it?

Further to Blazing Cat Fur’s “Cats are neurotic, and probably trying to kill you,” I noted elsewhere,

Neurotic? Cats tend to be neurotic when they do not understand how to control their inner or outer circumstances, and thus feel helpless. Because they are not very good at introspection or abstraction, that happens to them a lot. I haven’t met many cats who were neurotic about catching small rodents, birds, and reptiles. They are well adapted to rodent hunting, so there is nothing to be neurotic about.

The researchers also think that a cat is probably trying to work out how to kill the human he lives with. That seems less plausible than a thesis I am more familiar with, that if a kitten is separated from its mother at six weeks, and often handled, he tends to regard that human as “mommy.” He never really grows up, because he never needs to. He isn’t “obedient,” of course (that’s not part of the deal), but he probably has no bad feelings about the person who feeds him, cleans the litter box, and turns on the space heater.

He may, however, turn on another resident cat, whom he perceives to be getting more attention (analogous to sibling rivalry?) Hence, “jealous as a cat,” etc.

  • Half Judean (Destroyer-Drone)

    That Nat. Geographic video you linked on your website sure got my attention.
    DNA testing on animals always got me a little intrigued, love how the crew struggles when extracting saliva samples out of the kittens. ROFL. I’ll definitely watch this.

    Been thinking about getting a cat to clean the house from potentially unwelcome visitors lately. Problem is, I’m allergic to cats…

    • Xavier

      Me too, and the little bastard sleeps on my face. Claritin does a pretty good job with most of the symptoms.

      • Clink9

        I used to have a cat allergy so bad it would require an inhaler around them. Now it’s seems to have almost gone away.

    • ntt1

      You might want to consider full on Brazilian waxes for the beasts. at the very least it will keep them off balance ..which is a good thing.

  • Exile1981

    The study was biased, all the cats they studied were in an animal shelter awaiting either adoption or to be put down. If you were living on a knife edge of havingvto play cute, you would go nerotic as well. 😉

  • Thanks for posting this “alternative view”. That study disturbed me, but hadn’t put the time in yet to analyze just why exactly it seemed off.

  • David


  • Not to mention that “neurotic” doesn’t mean what these people seem to think it means.