German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’

German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’ after thousands march through one city holding crucifixes during anti-Islam protest

  • lolwut?

    He should be worried, I bet there’s a lot of plotting and planning going on in back rooms and pubs.

    Then of course there’s the hundreds of thousands, probably millions of posts
    online calling for Merkel’s head in a noose, It would be next to impossible
    wading through all that trying to figure out which ones are a real threat
    and which are just people spouting off in anger.

    German intelligence agencies must be a real fun environment to be working in now…

    Muslim hordes pouring over the border…. citizens calling for blood…. ISIS sleeper cells….

    • Exile1981

      The real threats are not dumb enough to lip off on line; they will quietly plan in back rooms and being careful about who they admit to the plan.

      • k1992

        Isn’t the army the real wildcard in all of this? If there’s to be a coup, they’re the logical ones to do it.

        • Exile1981

          I was less speculating on how people planning a coup would act and more speculating on how people planning to assassinate Merkel would operate.

      • lolwut?

        Not really true, look at how many times mass shooters have posted stuff

        online i the last 10-15 years saying what they will do and nobody blinked an eye.

        Youtube hasn’t even suspended Eliot Rodger’s channel yet.

    • Wolf Man

      Sadly this will likely happen in a lot more countries as this disease called socialism and multiculturalism is being shoved down a lot of different countries throats. There has to be a push back sooner then later or the actual cultures of these countries will and are being forces to disappear. Look no further then Canada already….

  • Xavier

    From Lady Ann:
    “Kids, there is going to be one hell of a big-ass war between two competing evil axes, and the government that you all are paying taxes to is the leader of one of those evil axes. I’m sorry, but this Lee Greenwood Pollyanna shit has got to stop. That country no longer exists.”

  • Xavier

    Civil War is going to be the least of the problems, but it’s good training.

  • Alex

    Holding crucifixes? Probably many (most?) of them don’t consider themselves more than nominal Christians, but the symbolism in strong. It’s like a battle flag unfurled, a silent challenge, a gauntlet dropped, and it’s a symbol too of what they most certainly are NOT – Muslim.

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  • WalterBannon

    civil war is what they need.

    • Civil war is coming. The Muslims will call it jihad.

      • Xavier

        The Muslims are putting their faith in our leaders. They do not understand the dynamic between a free society and its government – that they rule at the pleasure of the masses.

        Just because something has never happened doesn’t mean it cannot happen. More that one European government will be toppled by its legal citizens for their crimes against the country.

        • Exile1981

          I’m waiting for the trials of various leaders who knowingly helped the invasion. That should provide months of entertainment and it should help the only slightly brain dead on the left realize the error of their ways and maybe some will realize what they were supporting.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What’s the bad news?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Well, at least the Krauts don’t have a history of electing wacko governments and going unhinged when things get ruff … oh, wait …

    • Will Quest

      Yet they have a tiny-Bosh “progressive’ , Angie baby, the neurotic leftie running the asylum ….

  • SDMatt

    Anyone have info on gun ownership in Germany? Any opinion on which way the German military leans?

    • ntt1

      Whatever germany’s laws ,it is possible to buy almost anything in Belgium, that where the charlie Hebdo terrorists got their weapons, and that’s probably where thousands of “missing” twenty something muslims are arming themselves right now.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I’m sure that some are dusting off their Walthers and Schmeissers that they have been hiding in their attics.

      • Doug Kursk

        There is a ton of secreted leftover WW2 vintage weapons in Germany.

  • marty_p
    • Millie_Woods

      You’re probably right. Germany seems to be turning into Sweden. What a fucking gong show in Europe right now, and it’s getting worse, literally every day. .

  • Alain

    George Soros has stated that national borders are the problem and must be eliminated. Perhaps Merkel and the EU “elite” are his followers.