U.S. Arming Turks to Kill Kurds?

The US to combat the Islamic State is in shambles. The Obama administration may brag that it has assembled a grand coalition, but its coalition partners are like a many-headed hydra; each attacking different targets for different, uncoordinated aims. Turkey is perhaps the best case in point: Under tremendous diplomatic pressure, it said it would target the Islamic State but instead focused its efforts on attacking the Kurds fighting the Islamic State. It arrested almost a thousand Islamic State suspects but then released all but two. Indeed, it took a hands-off approach to the Islamic State even after parents told police they feared their sons were going to become suicide bombers. To trust Turkey to fight the Islamic State is analogous to trusting Pakistan to fight the Afghan Taliban. Pakistani diplomats might say they are serious about cracking down, but their actions suggest otherwise.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Really not a surprise , the US has done that for decades or centuries who knows.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    More and more Americans are recognizing that Obama is King Midas in reverse. Everything he touches turns into shit.

  • No mystery here.

    Obozo is a Muslim.

    He is doing what a good Muslim should do.

    He is helping the spread of Islam.