How to deal with “Sugar Bullies”

From National Catholic Register (A.k.a. Catholics Who Want to Survive, presumably):

Sugar bullies are everywhere in our society. They push for progressive causes in schools, in politics, in business and in the Church. The sugar bullies appeal is one of total sentimentality. The sugar bully manipulates you by trying to touch your heart of compassion, your sense of fair play, your desire to be liked and your desire to be perceived as nice, kind, gentle and loving.

Don’t be taken in by it. Don’t appease the sugar bullies.

Here’s another one: “We’re having a wonderful ecumenical Eucharist and we really, really want you Catholics to be there with us! We love you so much in the Lord and wish you could join us. The rest of us will be sharing communion together as the Lord invites us to. I understand you won’t take communion with us, and that causes me such sadness! But I do hope you’ll make an exception and open your heart to the good things of the Lord!” There’s a sugar bully speaking. They are trying to bully you into compromising your beliefs on the basis of sentimentality.

Obviously, if Catholics think communion means something different from what liberal Protestants think it means, the Catholic would be best not to get involved. But then the Catholic needs the courage to explain that courteously.

Reality check: Most Catholic and other appeasers of sugar bullies actually want them to win. Then the appeaser can no longer just say, no and get lost. He can appear to be a martyr when he is actually a coward.