Community Organizing America

The modern art of a community organizer seems fairly simple.

The proverbial agitator identifies a particular aggrieved racial, ethnic, gender, or class group that believes equality of opportunity must guarantee equality of result.

Then he “organizes” the victims by claiming that their ostensible failure to obtain parity can only be due to systematic racism, sexism, and bias by the supposed callous establishment majority (usually emblemized as callous white, male, heterosexual Christians). Myth is useful (e.g., “hands up, don’t shoot” or “one in four women on campus suffer sexual assault”).

  • Reader

    A good example of the outside agitator who only cares about their secret agenda and never the dire consequences to those they manipulate is the 1960 British movie The Angry Silence. I recommend it.

  • unalien

    Saul Alinsky was funded by the Rockefellers,, as was the nazis, eugenics, Margaret Sanger, planned parenthood, Tavistock Institute, manmade global warming, anti Alberta oil sands campaign etc.. and almost all of the “new left”

    They fund the “left” to destroy capitalism and individualism, they are Fascists..