Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton is “a fraud, a mess”

Reason TV: What is it about Hillary that bothers you?

Camille Paglia: She’s a fraud. Hillary is a mess. We’re going to reward the presidency a woman who’s enabled the depredations and exploitations of women by that husband of hers?

Video at link. Speaking of videos, has everyone seen this? Is she high or what is this cackling about?


  • mauser 98

    …. the Mop & Pail

    “Hillary Clinton remains the closest thing to a sane person who might become the next president”

  • Hillary deserves to be the president.

    President of the lifers club at San Quentin.

  • Alex

    “Cackle” is a good word – I guess her ladyship was amused at the peons getting uppity.

    I can understand that people want to support her because they happen to agree with her viewpoint – such as it is (leftist, statist, progressive, etc.) – but seriously, how could anyone be really enthusiastic about her candidacy? She is cold, robotic, charmless and utterly without charisma. And then there are her negative qualities ….

    • Clausewitz

      The big thing to worry about will be who’s her Vice President, because I think about one year in she’ll have that last terminal stroke and then number two will take over.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I still think if somebody organized an online pray-in for Hillary to have another stroke, Hillary would have another stroke.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Her handlers should advise Mrs. Clinton to never laugh when in range of a microphone or other recording devices. Doing so reveals her maniacal “inner bully” which would be best kept “under wraps”.

    I would advise her handlers to sugar-coat this message somehow for their own safety as Hillary is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.