Australia: Ads saying one should be able to flush Qur’an down toilet without violent reprisal banned as discriminatory

The ads mocking Christianity were banned as well, but it is extremely unlikely that APN Outdoor was concerned about discriminating against and vilifying Christians. Clearly, what they were concerned about violent reprisals from Muslims enraged at the prospect of flushing the Qur’an. The organizers are quite correct when they say, “To reject these posters is to censor free speech – pure and simple.” It is not allowed in the West, except on the Internet and in certain courageous fora, to speak critically about Islamic supremacism and jihad terror today.

  • tom_billesley

    Only a few pages of a koran should be flushed at each visit to the toilet. Flushing it all at once is wasteful.

  • When flushing becomes a crime, only criminals will flush.

  • Dana Garcia

    Flushing any book down a toilet is unwise, for plumbing reasons.

    Better to tear the koran into tiny little bits and compost for the garden — the only good use of Islam I can think of!