Me? Too hard on the GOP? Think Manning Conference!

Some may think me too hard on the GOP, for belatedly trying/pretending to try to do something about the MSM insulting them at their own expense before a broad public, pursuit of a new status as PR for permanent progressive government.

Not only won’t I back down, but I’d like to remind readers that we have the same problem in Canada.

I‘d like to call as my first witness, the 2015 Manning Centre conference in Ottawa earlier this year As I said at Five Feet of Fury:

Manning Centre doesn’t think bloggers are journalists

Yesterday, I applied for media credentials to the upcoming Manning Conference, “The Way Forward.” I said I was especially interested in the euthanasia workshop, in view of the recent Supreme Court decision. Here is the response I received.

Thanks very much for writing. I hope you’ll understand that given the media interest in the event and given the proliferation of blogs and bloggers we unfortunately need to reserve media accreditation for what would be termed traditional media. We certainly hope you will choose to attend as a regular registrant. Thanks for understanding.

Cheers, [guy in charge of media cred I am too classy to call out by name …]

At first, I was just too flummoxed to know what to say. My reaction came in three stages:

1. I make a living (!) writing almost entirely for the Internet, and it isn’t lonely out here. Over a thousand people a day probably view my work, using stats I can track. Which is far more people than have ever read me on “traditional media.”

But that guy never thought to ask me about my post reach. Which is what he should, of course, want to know.

2. I mustn’t make a scene. It is divisive. Maybe it is my own fault for not selling myself harder. … So back to my endless stream of online assignments. One more meeting I don’t have to go to. (The suggested registration fees seem designed to keep people out and I could not even find an option to pay to attend just a single workshop.)

3. But something felt wrong about my second response. I couldn’t sleep …More.

So I wrote that, and more.

But readers, here’s what truly revolted me: The advertising for the conference showed Preston Manning surrounded by a crowd of progressive government-media-in training types, like that was some big achievement.

Those people hate everything he stands for, and can only recover their own power and prosperity by stamping it out, in favour of government-controlled media.

And how did sucking up to them work out for you, Mannings? What did you achieve?

I would suggest that bloggers, backbone of the independent media, simply not bother with groups like the Manning Conference any more—or with any “conservative” institution like it.

If they really want the MSM’s good opinion, they themselves are not news anyway, just more manufactured news.

Let’s save our money, stay home, accept personal responsibility, research, educate quietly, confront strategically, and quietly lose the e-mail addresses of all “conservative” “consultants.”

They can’t (and don’t even want to) free us. But, who knows, maybe we still can.

  • David Murrell

    Five Feet is spot on here, critiizing tha Manning Conference for excluding bloggers as journalists. I used to be a regular attendee, but fund the conference overpriced and “cliquey” — where only people closely tied to Preston Manning get to speak. (E.g., Rick Anderson, a Manning crony, gets to speak, off the cuff, at four or five session at the conference).

    Manning hurt himself and his think tank for supporting the “merger” of the Alberta PCs and Wild Rose. Just after the Wild Rose leader and others bolted to the PCs, the media reported that Manning supported the floor crossing. Yet on his web page he claims he didn’t. But an easy web search shows that he did. Such dishonesty. Manning will find it difficult living down his decision, after the last Alberta election

  • Jay Currie

    The Manning Centre is a good idea which has succumbed to the “us/them” thinking in Ottawa. If you are a cocktail party going conservative you tend to have more in common with the progressive media and the sorts of people who become EAs to Ministers whether CPC or Liberal. Class, education, experience all line up better with the media party elite than with the rubes untraced by a view of the Peace Tower.

    This is a well understood phenomenon in world capitals and explains a good deal about why London, Washington, Paris, Berlin and Ottawa are so far out of touch with the people they govern.

    This may change a bit with the collapse of MSM but Coyne, Kay and Wells are still go to guys for the flailing CBC. So there is more work to be done.

    • G

      Write Ford of Canada (one of the CBCs biggest advertisers) & tell them as long as they support the CBC you’ll never buy a Ford.
      Maybe we can’t stop the government from funding the CBC but we can certainly punish those assholes in the private sector that do.

      Write & the the Nat Po that as long as Coyne, Kay & Wells work there you never buy another paper. let their advertisers know too.
      Vote with your wallet.

  • Dana Garcia

    How un-conservative is the GOP?

    Tom Tancredo, long a leader on immigration enforcement, just resigned.

    • mauser 98

      GOP RINO’s put in Ryan as House Speaker to control a Trump ,Carson, Cruz type president.
      Ryan is bought sold amnesty traitor

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    This country needs new brains new ideas , Preston Manning and his inexperience ideas should be put to rest forever .

  • canminuteman

    Hasn’t Preston Manning started to act like he is going to do a Micheal Coren on us lately?

  • G

    Bravo, 5′ of fury & BCF! These were the most important words in the entire article.

    “Let’s save our money, stay home, accept personal responsibility, research, educate quietly, confront strategically, and quietly lose the e-mail addresses of all “conservative” “consultants.”


    1) STAY AT HOME. Permanently offering your political allegiance to any one party is unwise. Really, if you think about it how different are any of the political parties federally? – – – Red Redder Reddest with almost no shade distinction from one end to the other.
    We saw this federally with the strategy of “incrementalism”. Next time MOVE YOUR ASS! (And use the fucking Not withstanding clause!)

    In Alberta we saw this with the Wild Rose Party moving itself so far to the left that they were indistinguishable from the PCs and their leader happily and openly bashing social conservatives then expecting them to support him – no thanks.
    Maybe he should retire as WRP leader and go onstage as a “Howdy Doody” impersonator. He has the hair & ears for it.

    2) ACCEPT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – this is a bedrock concept of conservatism. Libertarians love to wail on about freedoms & their rights but they never whisper a word about responsibilities. This is a trait they share with the left.

    3) CONFRONT STRATEGICALLY – Deciding not to permanently park your vote and letting political parties know this.

    No more money phoney conservatives. Manning, go out & get a real job.