Halloween Overnight Thread…

Hope you all received a ton of treats. In our building treats must be left at the front desk for the kiddies as door to door fun is verboten.

K bought treats for the kids this year, we always do. But she didn’t buy any for me.

When I buy them, a box always ends up in our cupboard.

Damn you work!

Pip got some chicken.

Enjoy… Nosferatu

  • BillyHW
  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since this is for late at night, here is how Halloween was celebrated on a Peru comedy show, with a drag queen as emcee.


  • Jay Currie

    Won age division!

    If I never see a Damned piece of poster board again it will be too soon. Fire department out did themselves on the fireworks this year and, on the way home… Thunderstorm!

    Too much fun and I got Rockets!

    • Cool!

    • Miss Trixie

      Morning Jay – I’m curious about the fireworks. On Halloween? Last night my neighbors on St. Charles were setting off a bunch of fireworks. Is this a thing in Victoria? I’ve never heard of this before in my life.

      • Jay Currie

        Very big deal in Vancouver and the Island. That and bonfires.

        (when I was a small child we had firecrackers beginning about October 15 in Vancouver and a lot of private fireworks displays on the night. Needless to say firecrackers have been illegal (except for First Nations and somehow Chinese New Year) for years. Fireworks are becoming scarce. But the volunteer fire departments – being trained professionals – are allowed to fire them. And they do! Wonderfully.

  • David Murrell

    Have a happy Halloween everybody.

  • tom_billesley

    Sinai plane – bomb not missile?

    Egypt, desperate to avoid more damage to its tourism, is trying to find “anything but terrorism” as a cause.

  • ontario john

    After I was warned by the police not to wear my Premier Wynne costume again because of the emotional trauma I caused parents and children, I dressed up as an ISIS fighter. But it turned horribly wrong when parents who go to the united church kept asking me to come preach at their church.