Climate of intimidation

The easiest way to distinguish between a critical thinker and an ideological one is this.

When a critical thinker disagrees with you, he or she thinks you’re wrong.

When an ideologue disagrees with you, he or she thinks you’re evil.

When it comes to discussions about climate change, we have far too many ideologues and far too few critical thinkers.

  • Alain

    No, the difference is that an ideologue will do everything possible to eliminate the dissenting view and the person with the dissenting view.

  • unalien

    The entire manmade global warming movement is a scam, It is backed by the crony socialists, the elites colluding with the State. The big foundations and western oligarchs are funding the commodification of mankind, a huge wealth transfer scheme to them and a power transfer to the State.. Ironically, most climate justice warriors are “useful idiots” who believe this garbage..

    Ask them,, What is the contribution of natural factors to the climate,,, answer nobody knows,, and if you don’t know that you can’t know the human contribution,, END OF BS..

    The US State Department under USAID is colluding with the elites to land-lock Alberta oil and keep it from the world market and China.. environmentalism is being used as a political and economic tool.. it is envirofascism

  • Jay Currie

    Well critical thinkers long since concluded the science was, at best, sketchy and the policy prescriptions pretty much crazy. Which meant to keep the climate change boat afloat the very idea of critical thinking had to be demonised. This turned out to be more difficult than it looks because as soon as you set a carbon “price” people look at the costs and benefits and a whole new group of critical thinkers emerges.

  • terrence

    IF you have some time (1 1/2 hours) check out this Youtube video of a lecture Dr Don Easterbrook gave two years ago (Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax)

    Dr Easterbrook is, of course, an AGW DENIER, and should be put in jail.

    • Clausewitz

      According to Dr. Fruit Fly, you’re right. But I think he’s more of a re education camp guy.