A handy reference on postmodernism and toilets

Here: postmodernism:

Modernism: Master Narratives and metanarratives of history, culture and national identity as accepted before WWII (American-European myths of progress). Myths of cultural and ethnic origin accepted as received. Progress accepted as driving force behind history.

Suspicion and rejection of Master Narratives for history and culture; local narratives, ironic deconstruction of master narratives: counter-myths of origin. “Progress” seen as a failed Master Narrative.

Progress is seen as a failed Master Narrative by people who have an indoor bathroom they did not invent or build, and would not know how to fix.

Remember, in postmodernism, there are no facts, there is no evidence, there are only feelings and assertions.

  • Pavelina

    “there are only feelings and assertions” and perceptions.

    • Carol Cox


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  • There is hard core reality.

    Evil will win if you try to rationalize with it.

    Read Lee Harris’, “The Suicide of Reason”.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    The toilet reference is interesting, considering the topic: recently a pensioner in France was arrested for urinating in a toilet that was part of an “art” installation at a Paris art gallery. Postmodernism may tell you that a toilet can be considered art, but one’s bladder still tells them that it’s a toilet.