US to base special forces in Syria for first time

President Barack Obama has decided to send dozens of special forces soldiers to Syria, beginning the first sustained deployment of US ground forces in the country.

They will be sent to northern Syria where will they will “advise and assist” Kurdish guerrillas and other groups fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

US special forces have carried out raids in Syria, but this will be their first permanent presence inside the country.

  • Xavier

    It’s not flip-flop, it’s “policy shift”. Really, that’s what they said.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since Putin has praised the Kurds, I don’t see a big power clash at this time.

  • Gary

    I told people that when Obama said ” No boots on the ground” it really meant Boots On The ground.
    Just lie his Black Lives Matter farce while there are a combined 800+ homicides per year for Chi and Det where the victims are mostly Blacks and killed by GUNS.
    Obama , and Hillary, was against Guns and demanded Control when the White people were murdered in Sandy Cook and Aurora .
    Hillary pretends to support gays marriage even after she denounced in in 2009 as did Obama.
    But her Homophobia reared its ugly face in Benghazi when Chris Steven was paled in harms way by Hillary surrounding him with islamists and devout muslims that knew he was gays and should be killed as a favour to allah.
    GLAAD has been quiet on Stevens being murdered with the aid of Hillary, but Hillary and Obama now favour gay marriage and what difference does it make now for 1 less Queer on Earth who was also a racists Whitey in Obama’s eyes.