US Giving Millions to Syrian Opposition

Someone’s mad that Assad isn’t going anywhere:

The United States ramped up its support for Syria’s opposition with a pledge of nearly $100 million in fresh aid on Saturday. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat described the timing of the departure of Syrian President Bashar Assad and the withdrawal of foreign fighters as top sticking points to finding a lasting resolution to the civil war in Syria.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    But the US forgot something , they have to defeat the Russians first .

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It won’t be us who defeats the Russians, but the Syrians themselves. It won’t be long before “quagmire” enters the Russian lexicon.

  • Oracle9

    The US is desperate to create another Libya in what seems like a conscious drive to more anarchy. Don’t they get it that a relatively ‘benevolent dictator’ is the only workable kind of leader in most Islamic countries?

    Assad may be no angel but he did protect stability for many years. A guide to the multitude of armed Syrian rebels groups: