Rex Murphy On the Ontario Teachers’ Unions

Because Rex Murphy:

Liz Sandals, Ontario’s Minister of Education, with curt candour commented on this very point recently, when the revelations of her government’s endearing relationship with the teachers unions became something of a point, following the triumph of her Liberal cousins in Ottawa. Her words are golden: “You’re asking me if I have receipts and invoices. No, I don’t. We know what hotel rooms cost, we know what meeting rooms cost, we know what the food costs, we know what 100 pizzas cost. You don’t need to see every bill when you’re doing an estimate of costs. I don’t ask.”

I wonder if the Senate is looking for a new financial officer. Mr. Trudeau should not overlook the obvious talent on call.

There is, of course, another angle to the Ontario government’s open-handed largesse towards its teachers’ unions. Though they resolutely claim to be absolutely non-partisan (a joke so rich it should be carved in granite,  lit up nightly on the CN Tower, and spelled out in gold-plated pizzas), you may survey its “non-political” status from the days of Bob Rae, through Mike Harris (“He haunts them still”) right up to the golden days of Stephen Harper. If they are non-partisan, well then, bulldozers are flying machines, rabbits are doing cutting-edge quantum physics, and Tim Hudak is the next Justin Bieber.


  • Margaret Wente has a near identical column in today’s Globe. What I find hilarious is that we have been screaming about this for the last 3 elections and it’s only now that our “national media” seem to notice – after their poster boy is elected.

    Why the teachers’ unions rule

    The inevitable close dealings between governments and public-sector unions leave out one crucial party – the public. Its interests will never be as important as governments’ interest in buying labour peace, or the unions’ interest in expanding the powers and privileges of its members. But the world is changing fast. Jobs for life are disappearing. Technology is making old hierarchies and bureaucracies obsolete. Innovation and flexibility are increasingly critical to success. And government unions are pricing themselves out of the market. In the slow-growth era that probably lies ahead, the old ways will make less and less sense.

    • Who the hell did these people think they elected?

      • WalterBannon

        they are playing games. now that their job is done getting turdhead elected they can pretend to be reporters to lull the dupes into listening to their propaganda

    • WalterBannon

      because the media are crooks too.. the whole lot of them should all be rounded up and put in a gulag.

  • Edubeat

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone in the know. The teacher union thugocracy was given carte blanche after the 1968 Ontario Hall_Dennis report It opened up tidal waves of progressive reform in our schools right up until Mike Harris. (Charter schools are part of the answer and neither of these articles even mentions parents for schoolchoice.) Refer to:U/SASK Prof.Hilda Neatby’s 1954 book on the Deweyites coming out of the woodwork in Western Canada. And if you think vampires and ghouls are scary on Halloween look at the dumbing down of our kids in today’s education system. Freaky!