ISIS jihadi with American accent taunts Obama then helps behead 4 Kurds

ISIS militants have beheaded four Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in ‘revenge’ for a raid by US special forces that rescued 70 Iraqi hostages and killed 20 terrorists.

In the barbaric group’s latest execution video, a masked English-speaking man with an American accent is seen clutching a knife as he stands over one of the hostages.

Video link, warning graphic

h/t AMP

  • Gary

    The fact that these rabid savages for allah praise Justin’s victory as our PM that chose to pull out our F-18 to stop this quranimals pretty well makes it clear what’s in store for Canada under Jihad-Justin whom wants to bring in 25,000+ of these devout muslims wanting to kill us.

    Justin has been linked to the Hamas funding CAIR via the Whahhabi Suuni mosques that condone flogging women , child-bride pedophilia and murdering gays.
    Liberals will say and do what ever it takes to get in power and stay there, just look at Hillary that knew Chris Stevens was gay and yet she tossed him among devout homophobic muslims bent on murdering him the first chance they got.
    So they DID get the chance and DID murder Chris Stevens which was driven by the Quranic verses and not the anti-islam video Hillary wants to blame it on.