How Canada’s Conservatives Can Bounce Back

“Say it louder.” That’s the almost-universal impulse of defeated political parties: “The voters didn’t like what we had to say? Say it louder!”

You lost by nominating Hubert Humphrey? Nominate George McGovern!

The pattern continues into our own time. It explains much of Republican politics since 2008, and almost every choice made by Britain’s Labour Party since the retirement of Tony Blair.

Say-it-louder politics seldom (if ever) works. That never matters. As parties shrink, their support intensifies—like a glass of orange juice in the sun, evaporating and concentrating at the same time. Which is why parties are seldom content to lose just one election. Oftentimes, it can take three defeats before hard-core partisans begrudgingly allow change.

  • simus1

    Today the problem is much more basic and the problems start at the most shallow end of the pool where there is almost no water. That is because the average voter is even less engaged than a minimally engaged sports fan.

    Trudeau – Harper?

    Dark hair beats gray hair.

    New guy with a fawning media and no visible talent beats old guy who has done a great job for a decade in the face of record shit and abuse.

    • mauser 98

      Truman crowd appeal? he barely won re-election
      was despised at end of term
      Stevie should have destroyed CRTC, CBC

      • simus1

        But he overcame an early to mid lifetime succession of almost succeeding defeats and never gave up.

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        Miss I understand your point of view but attacking the media or destroying it , that’s not democracy is some type of a communist act .

        • mauser 98

          OK Maxi

        • occupant 9

          The “media” in this case is hardly media is the tradional sense. CBC is no ordinary media, they have zero interest in stories that don’t vilify their domestic enemy.

          Case in point: Everybody now knows what Jared Vogal did, but NO ONE in Canada knows who Ben Levin is. Vogal does not hold office and influences no one. Levin wrote the nasty gay grooming “sex” ed curriculum the Ontario gov’t is pushing and Levin is currently serving time for two counts of manufacture and distribution of child porn as he was just convicted a few months back.

          CBC CHOSE not to cover it which disqualifies them from being regarded as a news organization … they should be liquidated and the assets sold off.

  • k1962

    No, the key to winning is to promise the sun, the moon and the stars to everyone while using their money to pay for it. Liberals are so stupid.

    • simus1

      Ten years out of power seems to work wonders when attracting new voters.
      Then It seems to take swing voters about that long to get angry at the governments they saddle themselves with.

  • andycanuck

    Alright! “Moderates” giving conservatives advice. I’ll hop right on that!

  • andycanuck

    Maybe President Romney can offer us some advice too?

    • simus1

      Speaking of all the talent at Goldman Sachs, the wife of somebody in the present race for pres also labours there ………………….

      • mauser 98

        and Cruz is ineligible as Barry

        Kim Dotcom: Julian Assange Will Be ‘Hillary’s Worst Nightmare’

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  • Jay Currie

    The trouble is that being “louder” than Harper means whispering the word conservative into the media party’s ear. Frum, like Kay and Coyne, would like to have his conservatism and his cocktail parties too.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    He was on power for almost 10 years , his attitude for the poor and the middle class were sinking , he will rather pay attention to the corporate system and agresor in invading another countries.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I don’t unnerstan your grammatical dalliances.

      • David Murrell

        What grammar does Maurixio have? I cannot fathom it.

  • john s

    Voters will come out to vote for things they believe in, but you cannot pander to shallow voters without giving complete control of the narrative to the mainstream media. In canada we have no law concerning abortion. None. We elected a conservative party without the guts to at least look at the issue. Likewise we have 3 parties which are in lockstep regarding immigration and free speech (for the former, not so hot on the latter). What difference does it make who you vote for? It isn’t about winning elections and holding on for dear life to forestall the inevitable, or at least it shouldn’t be.

  • WalterBannon

    How Canada’s Conservatives Can Bounce Back?

    A nice civil war would suit me.

    • T.C.

      + 10 points.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I would prefer the Progressive Canadian party or the Democratic Advancement party rising from the ashes out of the Conservative Reform Alliance party (CRAP). Canada is a multi-party democracy and should act like it or else the politicians ought to stop calling us a democracy. They ought to admit the truth that we are an oligarchy. The Conservatives and their past Alliance and Reform movements were nothing but a way to get into power and live high off the hog. People were duped!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Any party that uses the word progressive in it’s name is socialist.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Not necessarily because there can be progressive right wingers, progressive centre-right, progressive centrist and it goes down the line. The fact is all parties in Canada are progressive to a point and capitalism works best when it is mixed with many systems and not straight out capitalism without democracy.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I do not think you know what that word means.

  • I agree, in America, the left are the biggest crybabies in history, they scream and whine about something until finally the conservatives give in and give them an inch, which then the left quickly takes a mile. Then the resume their whining and crying.

    The squeaky wheel gets the greases

    Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.