‘Submission’ Statement

Reactionary author Michel Houellebecq’s novel about an Islamic takeover of France, Submission, was published the day of the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo. In fact, the satirical publication’s cover that bloody morning was a cartoon of the notoriously decrepit-looking Houellebecq prophesying, “In 2015, I lose my teeth. In 2022, I observe Ramadan!”

  • ntt1

    it is happening now but the time frame has been moved up. expect the first armed resistance early in 2016 . it is hard to predict who the political elites will support. it is quite possible they will support islam, as they have to date.

    • John

      Wilders and LePen are now being subjected to soviet style show trials basically as a result of their popularity, a popularity generated by their frank talk about Islam

      Manuel Valls is on the record as saying he’d cancel elections if it looked as though LePen was going to win. Valls and attendant cronies will go to any lengths to thwart the popular will. It’s the same story in the Netherlands.

      So there’s really nothing to predict. Europe’s political elites have already sided with Islam as Wilders’ and LePen’s show trials clearly demonstrate.

      It’s the EUSSR.

      • ntt1

        No regime is immune to the popular uprising, and I see the strengthening of their opposition daily.I refuse to call them progressives anymore, they are just totalitarian marxists, that’s all. and just as with their counterparts in the west,they flirt with a temporary poorly thought out alliance with another totalitarian regime: islam.

  • John

    The Charlie Hebdo staff were typical French leftists. They’d always considered Houellebecq a far right racist islamophobe. Despite their motoons they were always on the side of left-wing anti-racist/anti-fascist thugs. That they were all blown away mere hours after having published their utterly juvenile 2015 predictions for Houellebecq is just astounding.

    Despite posting two lightly armed guards at the entrance to their offices, the Hebdo staff still had absolutely no idea of just how vulnerable they were. They joked around about Houellebecq losing his teeth, joyously oblivious to the fact they were all about to lose their lives. They didn’t need guards, they needed a bunker.

    Houellebecq understands this new frightening reality. He has no illusions.

    • ntt1

      they did unfortunately. many on the left still think mindless mob islam can be negotiated with and directed as a co conspirator in destroying the west. Charlie Hebdo staff were naive in the extreme, it caused their deaths