Residents Raid Homeless Camp to Take Back Stolen Goods

A group of residents in Calgary’s Inglewood community raided a homeless camp in the woods to reclaim what they say is stolen property after discovering a chained-up stash of bicycles, baby carriers, computers and tools there.

The residents said they took matters into their own hands out of frustration with what they claim is inaction on the part of Calgary police.

While walking her dog on Tuesday, Cheryl Myers became aware of a large camp in a wooded area filled with a variety of goods she believed to be stolen.

She and a group of three other neighbours later went to the camp to take pictures of the stash.

“We saw several Chariots for bikes, about half a dozen bicycles, bicycle parts, laptops, stereos, tents, patio cushions, blankets, needles, tools, knives – there was a lot of everything,” Myers said.

“We were in there taking pictures and then we were out again.”

The images were posted to a community Facebook page, where at least one woman identified a Chariot — a baby carrier — as the one that had been stolen from her home days earlier.

Myers said she called police to report the stolen property and asked that they come help get it back but officers didn’t show up.

“We waited quite a while and they weren’t coming and it was getting dark,” she said.

“We made the decision as a group to go back and get the Chariot.”