Residents Raid Homeless Camp to Take Back Stolen Goods

A group of residents in Calgary’s Inglewood community raided a homeless camp in the woods to reclaim what they say is stolen property after discovering a chained-up stash of bicycles, baby carriers, computers and tools there.

The residents said they took matters into their own hands out of frustration with what they claim is inaction on the part of Calgary police.

While walking her dog on Tuesday, Cheryl Myers became aware of a large camp in a wooded area filled with a variety of goods she believed to be stolen.

She and a group of three other neighbours later went to the camp to take pictures of the stash.

“We saw several Chariots for bikes, about half a dozen bicycles, bicycle parts, laptops, stereos, tents, patio cushions, blankets, needles, tools, knives – there was a lot of everything,” Myers said.

“We were in there taking pictures and then we were out again.”

The images were posted to a community Facebook page, where at least one woman identified a Chariot — a baby carrier — as the one that had been stolen from her home days earlier.

Myers said she called police to report the stolen property and asked that they come help get it back but officers didn’t show up.

“We waited quite a while and they weren’t coming and it was getting dark,” she said.

“We made the decision as a group to go back and get the Chariot.”

  • “Myers said she called police to report the stolen property and asked that they come help get it back but officers didn’t show up.”

    Not possible. All cops are heroes.

    • Xavier

      …and they were busy elsewhere being those heroes.

      • Exile1981

        A few years ago I was the victim of an attempted car jacking in Edmonton. The attacker left a very clear bloody hand print on a white vehicle as he ran off. The cops refused to pull the prints because it’s expensive and takes too much time.

        • Xavier

          My written opinion of that would put the blog and my personal freedom at risk. Suffice it to say I am glad you are alright and hope you are armed now.

          Perhaps I should have indicated my comment above was dripping with sarcasm and doughnut sugar.

          • andycanuck

            Mmm. Doughnut sugar.

          • Exile1981

            I know your comment was meant as sarc but I was pointing out this is not new, It’s was a problem back in 2008.

            It’s amazing what fear and shock will do. I knocked the long shank flat head screw driver out of his left hand and managed to eventually get the mag light out of his right hand as well. I also broke his nose (which is why he dropped the screw driver) and it’s his own nose blood that left the print. I ended up with a dislocated shoulder (from the mag light) and a swollen eye and 12 stitches in my head from mag light as well.

            So other than some scars and much different attitude about police I came out ok.

            I’ll avoid answering the armed question.

          • Xavier

            One day I will relate the story of my father being taken hostage in our home by a PCP crazed “ethnic” intruder.

            It’s what taught me situational awareness and to never be more than a couple steps from a weapon.

          • Exile1981

            Next time your in Alberta you can come by for a beer and we can share stories. I have a few others I can’t post on line.

      • Clausewitz

        Every time I hear a police siren, all I can conclude is that the Day old doughnuts just went on sale.

        • Xavier

          I’m going to have to steal that one. 😉

          • Clausewitz

            Be my guest. I came up with that theory back in 81 when I worked in Bancroft on radio from a studio that over looked the town. As of yet we didn’t have a Timmie’s and the doughnut shop in town put the day olds on sale around 9 am. Perfect time to pull a heist cause that’s when both of the OPP officers were at the bakery.

    • Exile1981
      • Interesting, thanks. I’ll pop by SDA this evening when the Readers Tips thread is up and post it there. Kate has a running category: “The Sound Of Settled Silence”.

  • UCSPanther

    If the law fails to do its job, people will take a “Do-it-yourself” approach to the situation.

    Also, it seems that in “progressive” cities, the homeless become a “protected class” regardless of how unstable, belligerent, messy and light-fingered they become. It certainly seems that way in West Coast cities…

  • canminuteman

    I wonder where all those “homeless” people will go in January? Do they hibernate with the bears?

    • Alain

      Nah, they just relocate to BC where the court has ruled them untouchable and the weather is a lot milder.

      • HalcyonDaze

        Victoria actually, where the Mayor has decided to use taxpayers dollars to build housing units for all the homeless because as everyone knows, “if you build it they won’t come”. So, given that it’s only local people from Victoria who are homeless and none come for the climate and services, this munificence shouldn’t be to costly. LOL

  • Martin B

    “We’re all for people being passionate and engaged in the community, but to go into encampments and start taking property, from a police perspective, that’s a recipe for disaster,” said Sgt. Vince Hancott.

    “The last thing that we want is to have someone injured because of a confrontation in a wooded area”

    No, the last thing they want is to put down the donuts and go into the woods to confront criminals and do their fucking jobs.

    • Xavier

      Hey! It’s not like it’s their job!

    • V10_Rob

      There’s no money in it.

      Now, if the police somehow got a cut of recovered goods, THEN you’d see some action on property crime.

  • andycanuck

    This is insufferable! The next thing you know the Calgary Police will refuse to arrest Moslems making death threats against pro-Israel marchers.

    • Exile1981

      Or fail to investigate death threats painted on the homes of jews.

      • How would you like to be investigated for promoting hatred of vibrancy?

        • Exile1981

          I’m sure Justina will have us all investigated soon enough 🙂

    • Alain

      Already happened.

  • Petrilia

    Well done Ladies, doing the job police couldn’t/didn’t want to.