Netanyahu Calls Trudeau

I’m sure he used small words:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered his congratulations to prime minister designate Justin Trudeau in a telephone call affirming the friendship of the two countries — even if it won’t always be shouted from Canada’s rooftops.

Rafael Barak, Israel’s ambassador to Canada, said the call from Netanyahu took place last Friday, and left his country assured that relations between Canada and the Jewish state will remain strong after the defeat of the Harper Conservatives on Oct. 19.

Harper faced much criticism for a Middle East policy that many analysts said tilted too much toward Israel, and gave short shrift to the Palestinians.

But Harper also built a very warm relationship of his own with Netanyahu, who regularly lauded his personal friend “Stephen” as a great friend to Israel.

Past Liberal governments have always had a pro-Israel foreign policy, but because of the vocal support of the Conservatives since 2006, some Israeli commentators have raised questions about whether the new Liberal majority government will still be as close to Israel.